Deadzone terrain

Forgotten in all of the other projects I have been working on has been the stack of partially painted Deadzone terrain I was working on. It is intended to be used in the upcoming summer Deadline event so I am making an effort to get it done in-between other projects. I wanted these pieces to... Continue Reading →


Building Deadzone terrain

The family was away yesterday so I took the opportunity to sit down and build terrain for the upcoming Deadzone summer campaign. About a year ago I did a trade that involved a box of unassembled Deadzone terrain. It was not an insubstantial box and I have been slowly chipping away at it. The day... Continue Reading →

Deadzone Forge Guard

There are miniatures that are good looking and miniatures that are easy to build. Sometimes you are lucky and a set of models will be both. Such is not the case for the Deadline/Warpath Forge Guard minis. There is so much to like about them. They have great weapons, bags of character and look fearsome.... Continue Reading →

Deadzone revisited

Danny organized a series of games at The Sentry Box today where Mike, Danny, Greg and myself played our first games of the new Deadzone second edition rules. I previously played the first edition of the game and while it had some aspects that I liked, the game never really clicked for me and it... Continue Reading →

Back at painting

After a few days break due to some painful joints I was back at the painting table tonight trying to get some more work done on my Dagonite cult and Plague figures. Originally my intention was to do the plague skin by applying a straight wash of Baby Poo brown from Secret Weapon. For whatever... Continue Reading →

Kults and Plague

Had a few moments time tonight so I based up my first cult for Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten as well as adding some sand to the bases of my Plague miniatures for Deadzone. The cult has four of the Brigade Games Hybrid miniatures, three Cultists and two Fishmen. For added muscle it also had the barnacle... Continue Reading →

Getting back on track

So time to try to get back on track with my Deadzone project. I picked up some paint from Sentry Box on Thursday so I can finish doing my first set of terrain. I also grabbed some White primer so that I can start priming the Plague figures. I am going to use a white... Continue Reading →


Well the house is certainly full of distractions at the moment. My Rivet Wars parcel arrived today and the day prior to that the copy of Krosmaster: Arena that I did a trade for showed up. The twins were very excited about the Krosmaster figures and only Twin A was really all that interested in... Continue Reading →

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