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Deadzone revisited

Danny organized a series of games at The Sentry Box today where Mike, Danny, Greg and myself played our first games of the new Deadzone second edition rules. I previously played the first edition of the game and while it had some aspects that I liked, the game never really clicked for me and it was put back into its box never to been seen again.

When the second edition came to Kickstarter I wasn’t all that interested. There wasn’t enough detail available about the changes to the rules and while there was talk about hard plastic Enforcer miniatures I didn’t want to risk having to assemble and clean “restic” miniatures again. The Enforcer and Plague figures from the v1.0 Starter were not as bad as some of the Mantic soft plastic minis I have had but I have grown accustomed to hard styrene now. So when Dan started talking about playing the new version I was interested but a bit hesitant.

I took to the internet and watched a few battle reports as well as some of the terrain and gameplay videos on the Beasts of War website. I liked quite a lot of what I saw and so I took some of my Xmas money and picked up the new v2.0 starter set. I also purchased a large set of Marauder figures from Mike who had already assembled and primed them so they were ready to go. After assembling some terrain today I took down my Marauder miniatures and we played some games with the new rules.

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Back at painting

After a few days break due to some painful joints I was back at the painting table tonight trying to get some more work done on my Dagonite cult and Plague figures.

Originally my intention was to do the plague skin by applying a straight wash of Baby Poo brown from Secret Weapon. For whatever reason I wasn’t getting the coverage with the wash that I wanted so I have gone back and applied the Vallejo Basic Skintone to the skin areas. Once that is dry I will do a wash and then highlight from there.

While I had the skintone paint out I did the skin on the human cultists for my Dagonite cult and then used some Black Grey to do all the weapons for the cult and the Plague troopers.

I still have no idea what I am going to do with the larger plague models. I might just do an entire basecoat of the basic skintone and a wash and then highlight the bone plating.

I also started doing the tentacles on the Deep One. I’m even more impressed with the sculpt after painting it as it appears that the monster is nothing but tentacles under his carapace and armour. Very creepy :-)

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Kults and Plague

Had a few moments time tonight so I based up my first cult for Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten as well as adding some sand to the bases of my Plague miniatures for Deadzone.


The cult has four of the Brigade Games Hybrid miniatures, three Cultists and two Fishmen. For added muscle it also had the barnacle encrusted Deep One. One of the Hybrid figures, the fellow with the scarf, is meant to have a rather nasty looking ice hook in his hand but sadly it snapped off in transit and so I took one of the pistol hands from the Reaper 20th Century Weapons pack and added it. Probably better to have the extra firepower anyway.

The taller of the two Fishmen is meant to be the Demagogue. I was intending on converting him slightly to make him stand out but I suspect that it will be easier to add some freehand glyphs to his robes to make him look the part.

If the weather holds and stays above zero tomorrow I will prime these and the Plague figures and then get set to do some painting.

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Getting back on track

So time to try to get back on track with my Deadzone project. I picked up some paint from Sentry Box on Thursday so I can finish doing my first set of terrain. I also grabbed some White primer so that I can start priming the Plague figures. I am going to use a white base for them and then do a wash or two with some Secret Weapon washes to add the base colours and then highlight from there.

I still have no idea what to do with the Enforcers. I may do them in white as well following the steps that Agis posted on his site for his Death Guard figures.

No matter how I paint them though I will be doing the Plague figures first but prior to basing I need to get some sand and rubble on the bases.



Well the house is certainly full of distractions at the moment. My Rivet Wars parcel arrived today and the day prior to that the copy of Krosmaster: Arena that I did a trade for showed up. The twins were very excited about the Krosmaster figures and only Twin A was really all that interested in the Rivet Wars minis. Her sister played with them but only, I suspect, to be social and be involved in a game.

Rivet Wars

I tried out the first Rivet Wars scenario this evening on my own and it plays quite quickly and is a very simple game. I did almost run out of figures though as both sides were having ridiculous luck when it came to trying to take out their opponents. In the final turn, luck turned to the Allies who almost cleared the board of the Blighten troops and grabbed a victory.
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Deadzone progress

After a bit of work I have the Enforcer and Plague starters from the Deadzone game assembled. The Plague were relatively easy to assemble but the Enforcers had some issues. The model with the missile launcher had a round plug that was much larger than the insert in the base. I had to carve parts of it out to get it to settle into the base. Most of the Enforcer models were fine except for the Heavy Wepon trooper. I couldn’t get his arms to fit at all and had to do some serious fiddling with him to get him assembled. I tend to dislike models that have weapons and arms separated. I never have luck with them and find them fiddly as hell.

While none of the models have been as bad for mould lines as some of the Dreadball figures, especially the Robot team, I did have to spend a fairly significant amount of time working on removing them. And given the material, its not really as if I am satisfied with the end product and may still need to clean them up some more.

I had previously primed all of the terrain sprues and I did a quick wash on one side of the light grey sprues. Once they are dry I will wash the other side and then do a quick drybrush to add some texture to them. There may be some more steps involved as I have no idea how these will look but I suspect that one I get this bunch done I will have a good idea of the process involved and will be able to finish the rest of the terrain.


Washes! I need washes!

As I was assembling the first of the Plague miniatures for Deadzone today I made a quick check through my painting supplies and realised that I didn’t have the Secret Weapon washes I was planning on using for the figures. I want to pick up some of the concrete wash to do the bases but I was thinking of doing the Plague skin in a green brown tone instead of the skin-stripped red that Mantic did. Secret Weapon makes a great green/brown Sewer Water wash that is perfect for what I want. Lucky for me Imaginary Wars here in town carries their entire range of washes so I will need to drop in and grab a few before the Xmas break.

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A day of priming

Today the temperature reached a balmy 7 degrees and so I took the opportunity to get some miniatures and some terrain sprues primed. I primed all of the Dreadball miniatures that I have already assembled and also primed the sprues of Deadzone terrain that I picked up yesterday. I left all of the terrain pieces on the sprue to make it easier to prime them and I will also do the first set of washes on the sprues as well.

Dreadball minis

No idea which of the Dreadball minis I will paint first but I suspect that I will fill out the Ork and Forge Father teams first and then move on to the Veer-myn.

I need to make some space downstairs and put out some newspaper so I can start to do some washes on the sprues and then clip them out and begin to do the first set of drybrushing on them. I am also thinking that I will do some sponge painting to weather the pieces. I’ll see how the process goes though as I am more interested in getting them painted and put together than making them look exceptional.

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January is Deadzone month


So I have decided that next month will be Deadzone month. I will start the new year with an attempt to build and paint the terrain and figures from the Deadzone core set and the terrain expansion box I picked up. While I missed the Deadzone Kickstarter (sadly and gladly as while I missed some cool figs and terrain I also “avoided” the huge bill I would have from the cool figs and terrain I bought) the folks at Sentry Box picked it up and Greg and the fellows at the store were kind enough to set aside some goodies for me to look through and I grabbed the core set, a terrain expansion and the Reb Starter.
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