Deadzone terrain

Forgotten in all of the other projects I have been working on has been the stack of partially painted Deadzone terrain I was working on. It is intended to be used in the upcoming summer Deadline event so I am making an effort to get it done in-between other projects.

I wanted these pieces to stand out a bit from the others so I did a glaze of Casaranda Yellow over the basecoat and weathering I did initially. The pipes and other accessories are going to be given a black wash and then the sheet metal walls are getting a green glaze. Once that dries I will be giving it another quick drybrush and then applying some weathering on the destroyed walls.

Deadzone terrain

Deadzone terrain

There are still three other pieces that I am working on as well as some pipes and a trackway from the industrial set.


Building Deadzone terrain

The family was away yesterday so I took the opportunity to sit down and build terrain for the upcoming Deadzone summer campaign. About a year ago I did a trade that involved a box of unassembled Deadzone terrain. It was not an insubstantial box and I have been slowly chipping away at it.


The day flew past pretty quickly and I think that I managed to get a little more than a table worth of terrain put together. I think that with the current amount I have I should be able to fill three tables but I am going to try to do at least one more table worth to ensure that I can fill out four tables for the summer campaign.

Deadzone Forge Fathers near completion

I’ve been managing to get some work done on them from time to time and my Deadzone Forge Fathers are almost complete.


I just need to finish the bases and then they will be ready to hit the table. I used the Army Painter Dragon Red as a base and then accented the models with blue and yellow based on a complimentary colour triad. Typically I like contrasting colours but that leads to me painting with greens and its not usually my favourite colour.

After these are done I need to finish one of my three other Deadzone forces in preparation for the summer Deadzone event that I hope is still going to happen.

Deadzone Forge Guard

There are miniatures that are good looking and miniatures that are easy to build. Sometimes you are lucky and a set of models will be both. Such is not the case for the Deadline/Warpath Forge Guard minis.

There is so much to like about them. They have great weapons, bags of character and look fearsome. If they can’t shoot it they can smash it with their hammers and if its too far to smash they have great big guns. Everyone wins!¬†Putting them together was not a fun time though.


If only they were fun to assemble

The models come with no instructions. Luckily there are not a lot of parts and they are all given a letter that, one assumes, guides the builder in putting the various parts together into a single model. Happily they are hard plastic and not the soft “restic” that Mantic has used in the past. The main body attaches to a cross piece that consists of the top of the head and the shoulders. This piece is meant to sit flush with the body but I couldn’t manage to do this with any of the six figures in the box. There are several leg sections that fit into specific models and it is clear which ones match which models. They assemble quite nicely. The other legs don’t really appear to fit into notches in the body and so they fit but not smoothly.

It would be easy to ascribe this to bad assembly or mismatching parts but without some instructions its really difficult to tell if the fault was mine or if the figures are just poorly modelled.

At least they look pretty darned nice once they are assembled but these have been my least favourite models to assemble since I tried to put together some plastic Warmachine Cygnar Storm Knights.

Deadzone revisited

Danny organized a series of games at The Sentry Box today where Mike, Danny, Greg and myself played our first games of the new Deadzone second edition rules. I previously played the first edition of the game and while it had some aspects that I liked, the game never really clicked for me and it was put back into its box never to been seen again.

When the second edition came to Kickstarter I wasn’t all that interested. There wasn’t enough detail available about the changes to the rules and while there was talk about hard plastic Enforcer miniatures I didn’t want to risk having to assemble and clean “restic” miniatures again. The Enforcer and Plague figures from the v1.0 Starter were not as bad as some of the Mantic soft plastic minis I have had but I have grown accustomed to hard styrene now. So when Dan started talking about playing the new version I was interested but a bit hesitant.

I took to the internet and watched a few battle reports as well as some of the terrain and gameplay videos on the Beasts of War website. I liked quite a lot of what I saw and so I took some of my Xmas money and picked up the new v2.0 starter set. I also purchased a large set of Marauder figures from Mike who had already assembled and primed them so they were ready to go. After assembling some terrain today I took down my Marauder miniatures and we played some games with the new rules.

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Back at painting

After a few days break due to some painful joints I was back at the painting table tonight trying to get some more work done on my Dagonite cult and Plague figures.

Originally my intention was to do the plague skin by applying a straight wash of Baby Poo brown from Secret Weapon. For whatever reason I wasn’t getting the coverage with the wash that I wanted so I have gone back and applied the Vallejo Basic Skintone to the skin areas. Once that is dry I will do a wash and then highlight from there.

While I had the skintone paint out I did the skin on the human cultists for my Dagonite cult and then used some Black Grey to do all the weapons for the cult and the Plague troopers.

I still have no idea what I am going to do with the larger plague models. I might just do an entire basecoat of the basic skintone and a wash and then highlight the bone plating.

I also started doing the tentacles on the Deep One. I’m even more impressed with the sculpt after painting it as it appears that the monster is nothing but tentacles under his carapace and armour. Very creepy :-)

Kults and Plague

Had a few moments time tonight so I based up my first cult for Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten as well as adding some sand to the bases of my Plague miniatures for Deadzone.


The cult has four of the Brigade Games Hybrid miniatures, three Cultists and two Fishmen. For added muscle it also had the barnacle encrusted Deep One. One of the Hybrid figures, the fellow with the scarf, is meant to have a rather nasty looking ice hook in his hand but sadly it snapped off in transit and so I took one of the pistol hands from the Reaper 20th Century Weapons pack and added it. Probably better to have the extra firepower anyway.

The taller of the two Fishmen is meant to be the Demagogue. I was intending on converting him slightly to make him stand out but I suspect that it will be easier to add some freehand glyphs to his robes to make him look the part.

If the weather holds and stays above zero tomorrow I will prime these and the Plague figures and then get set to do some painting.