Version 3 you say?

So a while ago Spartan Games collapsed under its own weight and the Dystopian Wars franchise was purchased by Warcradle Studios. The studio is owned by Wayland Games in the UK (an online retailer of games) and is known for producing the Wild West Exodus steampunk skirmish game. I've not played the game but it... Continue Reading →


6mm(ish) painting madness

So its been a while since I posted anything new on the blog. Part of the reason for that has been that I have been painting a lot of miniatures as part of a 6mm/10mm sci-fi gaming project. The miniatures are all Dystopian Wars figures from various factions. There are British, Antartican, French, Belgian and... Continue Reading →

Getting some focus

I have a real problem with staying focused on a project long enough to see it to completion. I suspect that I am not unique in this but the last month has been exceptionally crazy for hopping from project to project. So I think that to tame the beast that is my unbridled enthusiasm, I... Continue Reading →

Armoured Clash

Rick and I got together today to try out the Armoured Clash rules from Spartan Games. The rules are an variant system for Dystopian Wars that allows players to do large land-based battles in a shorter amount of time while still using the models and flavour of the DW rules. Spartan provides them free of... Continue Reading →

Painting and building

It has been a slow time for gaming since the Dystopian Wars tournament so I have been building and painting some miniatures. Most of the assembly has been for my Prussian Armoured Clash force. I recently ordered the Prussian starter force for Armoured Clash as well as a series of figures to build a Belgian... Continue Reading →

Dystopian Wars tournament results

Today was day for the Dystopian War tournament that Adam kindly arranged. The event started at 9am at Imaginary Wars which required the owner, Kyle, to open the shop a few hours early for us. There were ten players present bringing fleets for the Ottoman (1), CoA (2), Russians (2), EotBS (2), KoB (1) and... Continue Reading →

A great day for goodies

Today was an incredible day for receiving goodies. I managed to pick up a complete set of Advanced Squad Leader Annuals. The early ones are, as one would expect, well read but the last three or in mint condition. What was even more exceptional was the price. Less than cover price for the entire set.... Continue Reading →

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