EpicCon 2012 report

Yesterday was our local Epic group's first tournament and we managed to fit in a three game event in a, sadly, compressed time period. Given the size of our group and the relative newness of the game here it was good to see so many painted forces. Many thanks to Sentry Box for hosting the... Continue Reading →


Well thats it for me then

I dislike personal melodrama. At least I dislike my own. This being a personal blog though I thought it pertinent, and useful for me, to discuss some changes that have happened to my gaming hobby. About eight years ago I was diagnosed with a form of rheumatoid arthritis. At the time it wasn't a debilitating... Continue Reading →

Incredible Imperial Guard army

One of the members of the TacComm forum posted some photos of the beginning of their Praetorian Imperial Guard army for Epic. The army uses several different models from the Dystopian Wars range for the vehicles and Baccus 6mm British Colonial figures for the troops. Click for more photos I took a few minutes to... Continue Reading →

More Epic assembly

Took a bit of time last night to watch the end of Bad Ass and put together some more Epic Eldar figs. I finished the six metal Night Spinners, three Forge World Wave Serpents, three Forge World Falcons and disassembled some Titans to drop them into the paint stripper can to remove their paint. I... Continue Reading →

What I don’t play and why

Looking through my blog there are a few games that I have posted about that I no longer play. So I thought I would look at each game and discuss why I have moved on from them. Malifaux There is not a thing I really dislike about Malifaux. I love the setting, the card system... Continue Reading →

Building more troops

The figures from my latest trade arrived yesterday (thanks Matt!) and I was able to finally take my Eldar Heavy and Support Weapons from their round bases and put them on Warmaster bases. I was just basing the guns on 25mm round bases but then I saw how Carl Woodrow based his Biel-Tan Weapon Platforms... Continue Reading →


I met up with Cam at Sentry Box yesterday and had a rematch against his Blood Angel force. I tweaked my army somewhat from our last game and took Avatar [0] Wraithgate [50] Guardian Warhost [375] Farseer, 7 Guardians, 3 Wraithlords, 3 Support Weapon Platforms Guardian Warhost [475] Farseer, 4 Guardians, 3 Wraithguards, 3 Wraithlords,... Continue Reading →

Epic Beatdown

Cam and I got together on Sunday at Sentry Box today to play a 3000pt game of Epic: Armageddon. Cam played the developmental Blood Angels list and I played the Swordwind Eldar list with my usual changes. Cam demolished my army in three turns helped in no small part to my inability to make important,... Continue Reading →

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