EpicCon 2012 report

Yesterday was our local Epic group’s first tournament and we managed to fit in a three game event in a, sadly, compressed time period. Given the size of our group and the relative newness of the game here it was good to see so many painted forces.

Many thanks to Sentry Box for hosting the event and providing prizes, to Dark Realm Miniatures for their prize support and to everyone who came out, helped with terrain and just made the event a lot of fun.

We had ten spots open and twelve people sign up. I stepped aside to let one of the newer players enter the event and we were able to fit in our 12th player when one of the original ten was unable to attend. Our player list was:

  • Adam – Biel-tan
  • Gord – Steel Legion
  • Mike – Orks
  • Cam – Space Marines
  • Aaron – Death Korps
  • Rick – Orks
  • Jonah – Scions of Iron
  • Curtis – Chais Black Legion
  • Shawn – Tau
  • Alem – Biel-tan

I was happily able to fill five tables with terrain (thanks to some additions from our host Sentry Box as well as Gord) and we built urban rubble, city, river, forest and “Ork” tables. Almost all of the River table terrain is Gord’s. The bridge and the roads combined to make it a very aesthetically pleasing table. We also used some prebuilt tables from Sentry Box as the basis for the River and Rubble tables

Aaron and Jonas traveled from Edmonton for the event and both of them had very interesting armies. Jonah had his Scion or Iron force that contained several custom built Vindicators and Razorbacks. Aaron had his Death Korps that included quite a few forum ware vehicles.

The store was only open until six pm so we had about seven total hours for our event. This meant that we needed to run timed games with a two hour limit for each game. Games were scored on Objectives captured at the end of time or the end of the game if players were able to complete a game in the time limit. This wasn’t ideal and we will be getting access to the After Hours area of the store for our next event.

Round 1

Games for the first round were determined based on army and whether the players had gamed against each other recently.

  • Gord v. Curtis (Rubble table) 4-0 victory for Gord
  • Shawn v. Adam (City table) 0-0 draw
  • Alem v. Aaron (Forest table) 0-2 win for Aaron
  • Rick v. Cam (River table) 3-0 win for Rick
  • Mike v. Jonah (Ork table) 0-4 win for Jonah

Round 2

Round 2 paired winners against each other and then players based on record. Sadly this meant an Eldar v. Eldar battle.

  • Rick v. Aaron (City table) 0-1 win for Aaron
  • Jonah v. Gord (River table) 1-1 draw
  • Mike v. Curtis (Forest table) 2-1 win for Mike
  • Cam v. Shawn (Rubble table) 1-0 win for Cam
  • Alem v. Adam (Ork table) 1-0 win for Alem

Round 3

Shawn dropped out during round three so Milke graciously stepped down as the odd man out and let Adam play a final game against Curtis.

  • Aaron v. Gord (Ork table) 3-0 win for Aaron
  • Jonah v. Rick (Forest table) 3-0 win for Jonah
  • Alem v. Cam (River table) 1-0 win for Alem
  • Curtis v. Adam (Rubble table) 0-2 win for Adam
  • Mike v. Shawn (City table) 2-0 default win for Mike

The two players from Edmonton came to town and showed us all how to really play Epic. :-) Jonah had the highest point total for the event but Aaron was the overall winner due to being undefeated. Jonah’s performance really has me much more interested in the Scions list and I may be trying it out in the future.

Despite the time constraints I think this was a good first event for us and I am looking forward to to having a larger, longer event next time and perhaps even playing in the event next time.

My health took a bit of a dive in the month preceding the event and it meant that I didn’t get a fraction of the terrain done that I wanted to, my Eldar painted or even was in condition to participate in the event. Happily we had more than enough people to fill the ten spots so my inability to stay on my feet for the entire time wasn’t an issue.

With a bit more work I should be able to get the pieces for my battlefield table, filled with defence lines and trenches, as well as some additional ruins and some more buildings. I also want to work on some road sections to add to the City and Rubble tables.


Terrain and Marines on the painting table

I had a bit of free time last night so I took the time to start sanding the Epic terrain I assembled for the upcoming EpicCon 2012 tournament. All the pieces now need to be primed and then the assembly line painting of buildings and ground begins. I am not sure how many other pieces I will get done but I do need to find a source for some 6-10mm trees that I can use to build up some trees for forest terrain. I probably need to pick those up this weekend if I have any hopes of getting them done for the tournament.

I also did a bit more work on my Sine Nomine Tactical Marines. A few more highlights and they should be ready to get based and game with. Sadly in the intervening time since my last big painting push in 2012 my skills have atrophied and my arthritis has become more problematic so these figs aren’t really up to my previous painting standards. But at least they all be painted :-)

More Epic assembly

Took a bit of time last night to watch the end of Bad Ass and put together some more Epic Eldar figs. I finished the six metal Night Spinners, three Forge World Wave Serpents, three Forge World Falcons and disassembled some Titans to drop them into the paint stripper can to remove their paint.

I think I have everything assembled that I need, for the time being, and so it is back to painting. First item that needs to get done are the eight Wave Serpents. Or at least four of them need to get done. All I seem to use are four of them at the moment. After that I suspect that I will start to paint some of the SHTs, perhaps the Cobra and the Storm Serpent since those get used the most.

What I don’t play and why

Looking through my blog there are a few games that I have posted about that I no longer play. So I thought I would look at each game and discuss why I have moved on from them.

There is not a thing I really dislike about Malifaux. I love the setting, the card system is incredible and the game itself and the scenario structure lead to some really exciting and unique games. Sadly aside from one local player I couldn’t get in any regular games. I really just want to game now and not build a community for a game and so despite wanting to play it more Malifuax was sidelined due to lack of local interest. This is a clear example of why smaller companies spend so much time, or should, trying to build up local demo teams and getting gamers interested. A local community of players can make or break a game and in this instance the lack of a larger community made me move on.

If you know people locally that play Malifaux then you should check it out as it is easily the best tabletop miniature game developed in the last decade. Seriously. If you can play it do so. You won’t regret it.

Again I love the Warmachine game but there were two factors here. I really don’t like the Colossals and the war engines. I think it moves the game into a direction that detracts from the skirmish nature of the game and is, I think, the precursor to a larger scale game. I also just don’t like the Menoth models for both of the large engines/Jacks. And I really only have time for a single core game and it with the re-introduction of Epic: Armageddon to my life Warmachine really didn’t have any chance. I like Warmachine but I have never, AFAIK, been as involved or obsessed with the game as some people have and so it isn’t really difficult to have my time for the Warmachine drift into a different game.
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Building more troops

The figures from my latest trade arrived yesterday (thanks Matt!) and I was able to finally take my Eldar Heavy and Support Weapons from their round bases and put them on Warmaster bases. I was just basing the guns on 25mm round bases but then I saw how Carl Woodrow based his Biel-Tan Weapon Platforms and I had to do the same.

While I was at Sentry box on Sunday I picked up another blister of them and was happy to see that it contained seven platforms instead of 6. I put those together and rebased my other 6 and I now have 13 Eldar Weapon Platforms ready to sand and then paint. Next on the assembly schedule are some Forge World Firestorms and then six Night Spinners.

I have two sets of four Forge World Wave Serpents that I am in the process of painting and I will hopefully have those, and perhaps some Wraith Lords or Wraithguard, done for my next game.