Kill Team – No Thanks

Update: this opinion has been updated and revised The new Kill Team game from Games Workshop is an interesting beast. It is a great example of how there can be such a disconnect between the material and the presentation of a game and its actual execution. I will qualify my comments by saying that I... Continue Reading →


Kill Team as the perfect miniature game

So now we know why there were never any expansions to Shadow War: Armageddon. Games Workshop saw the clear fan interest in that game and decided to use it as the basis for a new version of Kill Team. That makes sense of course because I suspect that most people wanted to play Kill Team... Continue Reading →

Can you afford Adeptus Titanicus?

You have to hand it to GW. They really know how to build up expectation for a product. The annual Warhammer Fest event is running and Games Workshop is using it to promote new releases for almost all of its games and also previewing the upcoming Adeptus Titanicus game. Twitter is awash with photos from... Continue Reading →

GW Shades

I have always approached GW's paint range with a bit of a sceptical mindset. The company has had a poor track record of delivering on their marketing hype and their paints, in the past, have been pretty much standard paint but at a higher price. And in those horrible pots. I recently stumbled over a... Continue Reading →

The GW Death Spiral

Quite a lot of gleeful nattering has been going on in the far corners of the internet with the news that Games Workshop's stock price dropped 24% is a single day after disappointing sales results. The folks at Masterminis also followed up a few days later with news of GW firing the staff and closing... Continue Reading →

Extreme price alert

Holy heck! The new 40K Space Marine Centurion models sure are nice looking figs but $94 Cnd for three miniatures? And while I'm complaining can we ask where the exhaust from those chest mounted missiles goes? I continue to be amazed by the prices that GW appears to be able to get away with. That... Continue Reading →

The folly of short-term gain

I've never understood Games Workshop's affection for the Lord of the Rings game. Clearly someone at GW thinks that the license and its accompanying figure range generates enough money to be worth the continued investment but as someone who has spent years covering the gaming industry and as a gamer I have yet to see... Continue Reading →

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