Ammo Scutter done

While I am working on some other models I managed to get my Ghar Rebel Ammo Scutter finished It is an add-on for the Bomber Squad to allow it to fire twice, one a game, but more importantly to allow it to avoid the Low Ammo penalty that the bomber has. It has been given... Continue Reading →


On the painting table

So a few things that are being worked on at the moment. I am still, slowly, working through the Cellestar Ballista teams for the Stormcast Eternals. I really don't like the detailed bases that they come with some I swapped them out for some plain bases. The Liberators in the picture aren't new. I just... Continue Reading →

Ghar Rebel plans

So I have a solid core of 1000 points painted for my Ghar Rebel force. I have a few things that I want to add to it before I take a break from them and concentrate on another army.  I have an Ammo Scutter that is almost finished. Despite having it I have no rolled... Continue Reading →

Thoughts from a game against the Algoryn

Jonathon was down at The Sentry Box this Sunday with 750 points of his Algoryn miniatures. Since he hasn't played as many games we decided to just play a "kill-em all" game to not distract with scenario complications. Jonathon's force consisted of the Algoryn starter with an Avenger Attack Skimmer. The Avenger was equipped with... Continue Reading →

1000 point Ghar v. Concord

Another adventure with my Ghar Rebels versus Jerry's Concord this Sunday. We have moved up to 1000 points and Jerry has added a Heavy Combat Drone to his force. Unlike other games we actually used one of the matched play scenarios, specifically An Unexpected Encounter. Each player starts with half of their force deployed and... Continue Reading →

750 pt Ghar Rebel versus Concord

Our Sunday cavalcade of Gates of Antares gaming continues with a 750 point game today. I actually brought a 1000 point list as well but Jerry and I were hoping that one of the other Ghar players was going to be there so Jerry only had a 750 point list. My Ghar Rebel Creeper will... Continue Reading →

Painting update

So there has been an exuberance of painting here in the last few days. The family is away visiting the grandparents in Vernon and that means that it has been just me and the dogs for the last few days. In this latest burst of painting I focused on some Endless Spells for Age of... Continue Reading →

Ghar Rebel Creeper finished

It took a bit more time than I expected but I managed to get the Ghar Rebel Creeper finished. It looks a bit rougher than I wanted as I had to effectively repaint it as my original scheme didn't work. The weapons are magnetized so I can swap them out. I tried to rough it... Continue Reading →

Ghar Flitters finished

So some quick paint and the Ghar Flitters are done. One of the Flitters was missing a wing and I couldn't find it in the blister so it is going into combat wounded. Like all Ghar "technology" they aren't as good as probes and only work half the time so I will have to gang... Continue Reading →

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