What about some Flitters?

So after last week I wanted to see what I could do to make my Ghar Rebel force more effective. The battle suits worked well. Or at least they did when I was able to make a command test. What was causing me issues was the lack of accuracy of my support weapons. Many of... Continue Reading →


Gates of Antares: Ghar v. Concord

Another Sunday so that means another game of Beyond the Gates of Antares at The Sentry Box. Jeremy was down with his Concord force and I had my Ghar Rebels. We were playing a 750 point battle this week. What is really amazing is that this is the first time in ages that I have... Continue Reading →

Paint table update

It has been a slow couple of days in terms of painting. I've been slowly working on two heroes for my AoS Ironjawz force and also assembling a Ghar Rebel Creeper for by Gates of Antare army. I'm not totally happy with the two Ironjawz models and I think that the next time I paint... Continue Reading →

Well that was quick

So yesterday I Said "I am hoping to get the Ghar Battle Squad done and ready for Sunday but that might be a bit of a stretch". Apparently that wasn't much of a stretch since they are almost done. Apparently it is a lot quicker to paint three models, even large ones, than it is... Continue Reading →

On the painting table

So with the first set of Brutes out of the way I have moved on to some new figures. First up are the Ironjawz Weirdnob Shaman and Warchanter. I am keeping the paint scheme simple so I can get them done and on the table quickly. Also being painted are a unit of Ghar Rebel... Continue Reading →

Gates of Antares game day

So we had our second Beyond the Gates of Antares game day today. Due to some complicating factors we all couldn't make it out last week but Jeremy, Jonathon and I all came out with our 500 point forces. Jeremy had his Concord,┬áJonathon his Algoryn and I had my Ghar Rebels. I was at a... Continue Reading →

First Ghar finished

So I did a bit of a push this afternoon and evening to get the rest of the army finished. All I need to do is to seal them tomorrow. I could have probably done a better job on some of the highlights but I decided to draw a line under them and move on... Continue Reading →

Final stretch

So with a few days left before our first Gates of Antares game day I am almost finished all of my Ghar. I am going to add grass tufts to the bases and then some gloss to the lenses after I finish coating the figures. The Flitter Bombs still need some work on them but... Continue Reading →

500 points of Ghar almost done

If I am going to get some Ironjawz painted then I need to finish the 500pts of Ghar that are sitting on my painting table. I have almost got them done. I just started the first step on the bases (a coat of Astrogranite Debris) and then I need to finish the many, many lenses... Continue Reading →

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