Ironjawz Megaboss completed

I wasn't even ready to paint this model but I just started working on his skin and then didn't stop. He has been painted using the primary armour colour of the Brutes but with parts that have been ripped off the armour of his foes. Or at least that is the idea. I also really... Continue Reading →


More Brutes finished

So it is my last day of my painting frenzy and I managed to get a unit of Brutes done while I was listening to Warhammer TV this morning. Just need to finish the bases and they are ready to go. AS before the most effort went into weathering the armour and the weapons. The... Continue Reading →

Painting table update

The painting continues. I have a set of five figures for Test o Honour that will be based soon but they made way on the painting handles for three Endless Spells for Age of Sigmar. I picked the ones that I was the most interested in adding to my Ironjawz first and will start working... Continue Reading →

More Ironjawz done

So the painting continues. This time with two Ironjawz heroes. I really did intend to spend some more time and put some more detail into these but before I even knew it I was painting them in the same fashion as the Brutes. I fixed up the yellow glow around the skull and bones by... Continue Reading →

Paint table update

It has been a slow couple of days in terms of painting. I've been slowly working on two heroes for my AoS Ironjawz force and also assembling a Ghar Rebel Creeper for by Gates of Antare army. I'm not totally happy with the two Ironjawz models and I think that the next time I paint... Continue Reading →

On the painting table

So with the first set of Brutes out of the way I have moved on to some new figures. First up are the Ironjawz Weirdnob Shaman and Warchanter. I am keeping the paint scheme simple so I can get them done and on the table quickly. Also being painted are a unit of Ghar Rebel... Continue Reading →

Ironjaw Brutes finished

So I managed to get the first unit of Ironjaw Brutes finished. We have had some company over for the last few days so the twins and I haven't been able to get our first game finished but I have been able to sneak in a bit of painting and polished off these Brutes. They... Continue Reading →

First Ironjawz almost done

So my first unit of Brutes are almost done. I just need to do some highlights and then the bases. I added another layer of rust on the armour and weapons. I used the Secret Weapon Miniatures Orange Rust paint. Happily I noticed that it was a paint and not a wash before I started... Continue Reading →

A Tale of Three Warlords: Part 3

So the building continues. Miss N. and Miss C. managed to get some more of their respective miniatures done. Miss C. started in on her heroes while Miss N. finished some of her infantry models and did two of the Stormcast heroes. The Nighthaunt figures are pretty basic, even the heroes, but the Stormcast models... Continue Reading →

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