Mage Wars forum bbcode

The Mage Wars game by Arcane Wonders allows players to create spellbooks from several hundred spell cards. The Mage Wars forum allows fans to discuss the game and as part of that Arcane Wonders wants a way to display card data inside the forums. Their forum software solution is SMF which makes it quite easy... Continue Reading →


jQuery and Bootstrap popovers update

Things are never as easy as you assume they will be. I got the Bootstrap popovers working in one part of my application but when I added them to the data table that I was dynamically creating they stopped working. The issue was that the Datatables code was rewriting the inner HTML of the row... Continue Reading →

Warlock triumphs!

Dave and I met up again last night for some Mage Wars gaming. We managed to fit in two games as our first game ended quite quickly. Game 1 involved my tweaked Warlock against a new(ish) Force Master build that David put together. It was a fairly decent build (my Warlock was the standard Demon/Fire... Continue Reading →

Mage Wars nail biter

Dropped by Sentry Box last night to have a game of Mage Wars against a fellow, David, that I met last Sunday. I brought out an Air Wizard build that I haven't used in a while and Dave played an interesting Warlord build that involved ranged attacks and Tanglevines. The game went right down the... Continue Reading →

Applescript is my enemy

One of the things I need to do for the current project with Arcane Wonders is to take a large amount of Excel data and turn it into HTML. In the past I would have done this sort of thing in Director and built a quick Lingo function to read in some CSV data and... Continue Reading →

Mage Wars spellbuilder

I think that if, a year or so ago, you would have told me that I would be building a data driven web application in jQuery and Javascript I would have not taken you seriously. And yet that is what is currently happening. As part of my work for Arcane Wonders, the publishers and developers... Continue Reading →

Redoing the Warlord

I played a few games of Mage Wars last Wednesday with Rob. I tested the new Forcemaster and Warlord from the recent Mage Wars expansion using the default spell books suggested. The Forcemaster had a few tweaks in the form of a set of Thorn Walls which I used to push Rob's Warlock through. I... Continue Reading →

Mage Wars league gaming

Tonight was Mage Wars league gaming night at Myth Games and myself, Rob, Cory and David turned out for some gaming. Cory and Dave were both playing Warlocks, Rob brought his Mana suppression Wizard and I started playing a modification of my Temple-heavy Priestess build. My first game was against Cory and it was actually... Continue Reading →

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