What can you get for a box of Space Marines?

Recently I expressed my surprise at the cost of some recent GW 40K Space Marine miniatures. I also, back in 2011, suggested using the GW as a universal form of cross-game currency comparison. But after some consideration I thought that it would be fun to see just what exactly you could get for some other... Continue Reading →


What I don’t play and why

Looking through my blog there are a few games that I have posted about that I no longer play. So I thought I would look at each game and discuss why I have moved on from them. Malifaux There is not a thing I really dislike about Malifaux. I love the setting, the card system... Continue Reading →


Today was the second time that I was possessed by an urge to start putting together another force for Warmachine. The Two-player starter set is really calling to me. Oddly enough the entire thing seems to last me a few hours and then I "come to my senses" and go back to planning new Blood... Continue Reading →

Malifaux order arrives

My GenCon order from Wyrd Miniatures came in this morning. Excellent timing as I have a few hours to burn this afternoon and the Twisting Fates book will be a great way to do it. All is not perfect though as there was a mispack in my order and the Nightmare Dead Justice set I... Continue Reading →

Painting the Ortegas

With the impending deadline of our Saturday Skirmish demo approaching I have begun to paint my Ortega starter for Malifaux. I did the skin yesterday and will start on the clothing tonight. I am also painting Abuela since she is not only a fun mini to paint but also a great addition to the crew.... Continue Reading →

Malifaux Rasputina tournament list

Saturday is the Malifaux tournament at Myth-a-con 2 and I will be bringing a 35 SS Rasputina force to the event. Rasputina -- 4 Cache Essence of Power [2ss] Ice Gamin [4ss] Ice Gamin [4ss] Ice Gamin [4ss] Ice Golem [9ss] Silent One [6ss] Convict Gunslinger [6ss] I like the core Rasputina force and the... Continue Reading →

Busy gaming schedule

Well busy for me that is. This weekend is the Malifaux tournament at MythCon 2. I don't suspect that there will be a lot of people competing at it but it will be a fun evening in any case and I should be able to get in three or four games of Malifaux. The week... Continue Reading →

Building Undead and demo armies

With the recent arrival of my order from Mantic Games I have been busy assembling figures for my Undead/Vampire Counts army. So far I have built: 9 x Zombies 20 x Revenants 20 x Skeleton Warriors 18 x Ghouls 5 x Wraiths 1 x GW Necromancer 1 x GW Banshee 3 x GW Vampire characters... Continue Reading →

Malifaux: Nicodem v Rasputina

Brett and I met at Myth Games on Saturday, last week, for a game of Malifaux. It was a chance for me to finally get my new Rasputina crew on the table and have a game. I was playing a pretty standard Rasputina list Rasputina -- 4 Cache Essence of Power [2ss] Ice Golem [9ss]... Continue Reading →

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