More Future Combat gaming

Rick and I met up last night at Myth Games to play a 1717 point game of Victory Decision Future Combat using the set of army lists that I built up previously. We played the Advance! scenario but I left out the Night rules for the first turn as this was Rick's first game. Rick... Continue Reading →


Small-scale DW game

Rick and I met last night for a small, 500pt, game of Dystopian Wars. Rick brought his KoB figures and I brought out my Russians. My force consisted of Battleship 2 x Cruisers 2 x Destroyers 2 x Medium Bombers Dive Bomber wing Fighter Wing Rick had Battleship with one escort 2 squadrons of 2... Continue Reading →

Monsterpocalypse gaming

Paul and I met today at Myth Games to have a few games of Monsterpocalypse. This is the first time since the game came out initially that I have played it so I was a bit rusty. Making matters worse, Paul is a huge fan of the game and has an encyclopedic knowledge of the... Continue Reading →

List for tonight’s game

Rob and I will be heading out to Myth tonight for a 35pt game of Warmachine. I have no idea what he is bringing and my list is limited to what I have on hand. I've never really played Caine before so I will give him a try. I'm also bringing out Sword Knights as,... Continue Reading →

Mage Wars league gaming

Tonight was Mage Wars league gaming night at Myth Games and myself, Rob, Cory and David turned out for some gaming. Cory and Dave were both playing Warlocks, Rob brought his Mana suppression Wizard and I started playing a modification of my Temple-heavy Priestess build. My first game was against Cory and it was actually... Continue Reading →

Myth Games’ Kessel Run event

Look what I won! Today was the X-Wing Kessel Run event at Myth Games and I was not only lucky enough to be able to go (thanks Michelle!) but I also ended up taking away the Millennium Falcon miniature. Eight people showed up for the event and we were lucky enough to have an even... Continue Reading →

Mage Wars demo night

So it has been a bit quiet on this blog recently. I haven't had anything of real interest to share as of late hence the lack of activity. I've been working on transitioning from primarily miniature based gaming to more card and board games and so what gaming I have done has had a slight... Continue Reading →

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