More Future Combat gaming

Rick and I met up last night at Myth Games to play a 1717 point game of Victory Decision Future Combat using the set of army lists that I built up previously. We played the Advance! scenario but I left out the Night rules for the first turn as this was Rick’s first game.
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Small-scale DW game

Rick and I met last night for a small, 500pt, game of Dystopian Wars. Rick brought his KoB figures and I brought out my Russians.

My force consisted of

  • Battleship
  • 2 x Cruisers
  • 2 x Destroyers
  • 2 x Medium Bombers
  • Dive Bomber wing
  • Fighter Wing

Rick had

  • Battleship with one escort
  • 2 squadrons of 2 Cruisers
  • 2 Frigates
  • 2 wings of Torpedo bombers

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Myth Games’ Kessel Run event

X-WIng Millenium Falcon
Look what I won!

Today was the X-Wing Kessel Run event at Myth Games and I was not only lucky enough to be able to go (thanks Michelle!) but I also ended up taking away the Millennium Falcon miniature.

Eight people showed up for the event and we were lucky enough to have an even split of Rebel and Imperial players. We played three rounds to determine the top four players before having one last round using the prize kit miniatures to determine who got first pick of the miniatures.
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