Painting update

So there has been an exuberance of painting here in the last few days. The family is away visiting the grandparents in Vernon and that means that it has been just me and the dogs for the last few days. In this latest burst of painting I focused on some Endless Spells for Age of... Continue Reading →


Test of Honour demo day

So today was the Test of Honour demo day at the store and it certainly generated quite a lot of interest. In fact I would say that it easily had the most interested gamers of anything we have demoed in the store in several years. And not only interest from miniature gamers but also from... Continue Reading →

Samurai almost done

The Test of Honour demo day at The Sentry Box is Saturday so I have been working like a lunatic to finish my 24pt warband. I think I will manage to get all the figures done but I have to say this they have received probably the worst paint job I have done in decades.... Continue Reading →

Buying into samurai

There are times when I think that I have a problem. That issue is exemplified by the large pile of 28mm Samurai miniatures that currently sit in the huge pile of unassembled and unpainted figures next to my painting table. The store I work at us doing a demo of Test of Honour from Warlord... Continue Reading →

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