Shroud Mage Stats

I put together some stat cards for the four fleets that we will be using for the Faire Winds and Foule Tides participation event tomorrow. Every fleet except for the Dwarves has a Mage and I am using the Hydromancer and the Mindbender so that we can test those Mages for Nic. I created a... Continue Reading →


Shroud Mages done

So I finally finished the final fleet for the Fayre Winds & Foul Tides demo game. These are a mix of first and second generation Shroud Mage vessels from the Uncharted Seas range from Spartan Games. The difference between the sculpts is really shocking. The second generation were computer designed and look significantly better than... Continue Reading →

Painting more fantasy ships

I am hoping to put on a multi-player game of the Galleys & Galleons fantasy rules and I realised that I only have three painted fleets. So the Shroud Mages have hit the painting table and I am going to try to plow through a fairly significant fleet of them. I am also hoping to... Continue Reading →

Three fleets done

So the Orc vessels are done and I thought it would be fun to take out all of the ships and get some pictures of them all together. Sadly I can't fit them all into one shot with my phone so I ended up taking shots of each individual fleet. Oddly enough will I have... Continue Reading →

More fantasy naval painting

The Orc fleet is taking form as I am in the final stage of finishing the painting. I need to finish the sails and then seal them. The sails are probably going to take some work as I need to shade them and then paint a pattern into the sails. I want something bold and... Continue Reading →

New Dwarven vessels

I finished some new Dwarven fantasy vessels from the Uncharted Seas range. I will be using them for the Fantasy variant of Galleys & Galleons. These have been painted to match the style of my earlier Dwarven fleet. The current G&G rules don't have rules for significant guns from the bow or stern so we... Continue Reading →

A shedload of Blood Bowl minis

Went out for a walk in the snow with the family this afternoon and checked the mail to find a stack of parcels waiting for me. The parcels were from Wayland Games, Impact! Miniatures and Warlord Games. The Wayland order was a few Bone Griffin ships for Uncharted Seas. Wayland is running an extensive sale... Continue Reading →

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