What I don’t play and why

Looking through my blog there are a few games that I have posted about that I no longer play. So I thought I would look at each game and discuss why I have moved on from them.

There is not a thing I really dislike about Malifaux. I love the setting, the card system is incredible and the game itself and the scenario structure lead to some really exciting and unique games. Sadly aside from one local player I couldn’t get in any regular games. I really just want to game now and not build a community for a game and so despite wanting to play it more Malifuax was sidelined due to lack of local interest. This is a clear example of why smaller companies spend so much time, or should, trying to build up local demo teams and getting gamers interested. A local community of players can make or break a game and in this instance the lack of a larger community made me move on.

If you know people locally that play Malifaux then you should check it out as it is easily the best tabletop miniature game developed in the last decade. Seriously. If you can play it do so. You won’t regret it.

Again I love the Warmachine game but there were two factors here. I really don’t like the Colossals and the war engines. I think it moves the game into a direction that detracts from the skirmish nature of the game and is, I think, the precursor to a larger scale game. I also just don’t like the Menoth models for both of the large engines/Jacks. And I really only have time for a single core game and it with the re-introduction of Epic: Armageddon to my life Warmachine really didn’t have any chance. I like Warmachine but I have never, AFAIK, been as involved or obsessed with the game as some people have and so it isn’t really difficult to have my time for the Warmachine drift into a different game.
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What an odd year

This had to really be one of the stranger years I’ve had. After living in Vancouver for over twenty years, Michelle got a job in Calgary and the family packed up and moved. As part of that move I sold and gave away quite a lot of gaming material, terrain and figures. I also sold off all of my Warmachine and Hordes figures including my rather sizable Cryx force. I still rather regret that since it was a fun faction and I had over 100 points of painted figures.
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An update

It has been an interesting week here. The entire family is suffering from a cold and prior to that I had another bout of something that laid me out for a few days. So there hasn’t been a lot of updates on the blog or much of any work on projects. I finally finished building my Blood Bowl Ork team and got it all primed. There were also quite a few 40K Ork banner poles in my bitz box that I used to make turn markers, reroll markers and a score marker for the team.

I also managed to pick up some more Island of Blood High Elves so I now have more than 30 of the plastic Sword Masters and Sea Guard. I also took some time to assemble Teclis and the seven Shadow Warrior figures I was able to pick up. I am still looking for a suitable proxy model for the High Elf Great and so my force is sadly missing flyers in the force.

Busy gaming schedule

Well busy for me that is. This weekend is the Malifaux tournament at MythCon 2. I don’t suspect that there will be a lot of people competing at it but it will be a fun evening in any case and I should be able to get in three or four games of Malifaux.

The week after will be the regular Thursday night Warhammer night at Myth. I am hoping to have at least one Great Eagle to put into my army by then but I am not optimistic about getting one.

I am going to bring out my Phoenix Guard for the next game. I’ve had two games in a row now where I could have used their 4+ Ward Save to help fight against something big and nasty. They are, aside from the Dragon Princes, the hardiest of the High Ef troops and a good candidate to help take out the monsters that pop up quite frequently in the game.

Following that is the Skirmish Demo Day at Myth Games where there will be Malifaux demos aplenty (one hopes).

High Elves and Prussians

During my drive to Myth to play Dystopian Wars on Saturday I stopped in to Sentry Box looking for a few additions for my High Elf force. I managed to pick up some Shadow Warriors but didn’t see a good proxy for the High Elf Giant Eagle which is really a sad looking beast. I like the Eagle figures from the Lord of the Ring range but no-one seems to have it in stock. I’ll check out a few more stores and hopefully find it or perhaps order in something from Reaper.

Today brought in a few more Prussian Dystopian War vessels from Wayland Games. I picked up the Dreadnought, Escorts and Destroyers for the Prussians so I can have a fleet with similar vessels to my FSA fleet.

Or at least that is the excuse that I am using :-)

Zombies and skeletons

I’ve spent the last two evenings building some Mantic Games Undead figures. I built 30 skeletons and nine zombies. The skeletons were a bit fussier to assemble than I thought they would be but the assembled models look quite good in a unit. The skeletons are “true 28” scale and are a bit smaller than GW figures meaning that the Vampire Count character models. On the plus side it makes the vampires look doubly impressive when added to a unit.

The zombies were quite impressive. There are fewer model options than the skeletons but they assemble in such delightful poses. There appears to be no way to put the models together in a way that doesn’t look inhuman and tortured. I was quite pleased with how they look in a unit.

I have a few more skeletons and zombies coming from Mantic, enough to build a zombie horde and two units of 25 skeletons. More than enough for a decent core for a Vampire Counts army.