28mm plastic Russian Infantry review

While I was in Sentry Box yesterday I picked up, on a whim, a series of 28mm plastic WWII Soviet figures from The Plastic Soldier Company. These were quite literally an impulse buy as I was in the store to see if they had any Warlord Games plastic German infantry. Some of the local gaming crowd is interested in playing Bolt Action and while I do have the start of a German force the boxes on sale offered my the opportunity to pick up every Soviet infantry option I would need, along with support weapons, for a very decent price.
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Frontline General expansion pre-order

I just put in my pre-order for the Frontline General: Spearpoint 1943 Village and Defensive Line Map Expansion. This expansion for the Frontline General 1943 card game adds terrain and defensive elements to the game making it more akin to the old Avalon Hill WWII card game.

The website has some photos of the components and it looks like this will add a great amount of detail and replayability to the game.

Battlefield Evolution: World at War

Now this has the potential to be a fun set of rules and it certainly has a lot of active fan support but the rules really confuse me. Mongoose Publishing appear to have taken two very good rule sets (Starship Troopers and Battlefield Evolution) and tossed out the cover system and rewritten the rules to make them confusing.

For example, in the game regular fire creates a 3′ Fire Zone. Weapons with the Auto trait create a 6″ Fire Zone. At no point do the rules explain how to resolve fire when you have regular weapons shooting with a weapon that has the Auto trait. This will happen in almost every single infantry unit in the game.

This is a bewildering exclusion since the Starship Troopers rules have a section that specifically tells you what to do in this instance. Maybe the Battlefield Evolution: World at War rules do as well but I couldn’t find it. As well, the rules for the Lethal Zone trait appear to have been dropped from the book. Continue reading →