Some of the projects that I need to work on in the following months. Updates for each project will be posted on the blog.

Advanced Song of Blades & Heroes

Finish painting Goblin Warband
Finish painting Necromancer Warband
Assemble cards stock fantasy terrain


Finish assembling the Forge Guard models
Assemble the Iron Ancestor
Paint the Asterians
Paint the Forge Fathers
Paint the GCPS
Finish assembling terrain
Paint Deadzone terrain


Paint the Cyborg team
Paint the Matsudan team
Paint the Yndij team
Paint the Neo-Bot team


Paint a Puma
Assemble Lend-lease Lee models
Paint the Lend-lease Lee models
Assemble T-35
Paint T-35
Assemble M10 and Jackson
Paint M10 & Jackson
Assemble T-70
Paint T-70
Assemble KV1
Paint KV1
Assemble IS3
Paint IS3

Test of Honour

Assemble spearmen
Paint spearmen
Assemble archers
Paint archers
Assemble musketmen
Paint musketmen
Assemble samurai
Paint samurai
Assemble Monk Archers
Paint Monk Archers
Assemble Monks with Nagatanas
Paint Monks with Nagatanas
Assemble mounted Samurai
Paint mounted Samurai

Gates of Antares

Assemble Ghar Rebel Troops
Assemble support weapon teams
Assemble Bomber squad
Assemble Command team
Assemble Flitter Bombs


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