Final Dwarves painted

So the final Dwarven models for my Age of Magic army have been based and are finished There are more models that I need for Age of Magic, with the exception of the Hearthguard models, so I can use them in Warlords of Erehwon. With the exception of the Reaper model I am using as... Continue Reading →


Dwarven Hearthguard done

Aside from the basing the Dwarven Hearthguard are done. Normally I'd base these as soon as they were done but I have another unit of Warriors that I am going to paint and those will need basing as well. Its quicker to base them all at once. My 'quick and dirty' style is slowly getting... Continue Reading →

Dwarf painting update

This weekend presented itself with many opportunities for painting so I managed to get the base colours and washes on some minis. I decided to use the same primary colours for the clothes and accessories on these models so that they fit in with the other models even though they are chunkier and more heavily... Continue Reading →

Squigs done (mostly)

Some quick drybrushing, a few highlights and the squigs are done except for the basing. These are older models and so they lack some of the animation of the newer plastic figures. Most of the models don't have ridges or horns on the body so I painted some stripes on them to break up the... Continue Reading →

Dwarves done. Squigs upcoming

Painting for my fantasy forces continues with the addition of ten Dwarf warriors with axe and shield to the list. They are done in the same colour scheme as the previous dwarf warriors and warmachine crew. I tried to do apply some scratch marks and damage to the shields but it didn't really come out... Continue Reading →

Building, building and painting

I haven't managed to get in a lot of painting in the last few days but I did find some time, and the appropriate mindset, to get some colours on a few more models. In this case it is another unit of Dwarves. These are the same eastern themed figures but this time with axes... Continue Reading →

More Dwarves completed

So these took a little longer to finish than I wanted and I still have some small touchups to do but I can now add some heroes and a war machine to my Dwarf force. The Runelord is a Reaper figure. She clearly has the mallet and chisel to be creating runes for her magic.... Continue Reading →

Isorian Targeting Drones

As part of my Isorian army for Beyond the Gates of Antares I painted up a unit of 6 Targeting Drones. I wanted to make sure that I took a bit of time on them as they are a small unit and the globes on the top of the models would look good with a... Continue Reading →

Earth Elemental WIP

As part of the Dwarf army I am creating for The Fantasy Project I am painting up a Bones Earth Elemental. This model is complete except for the base. I've actually had this model basecoated for several years and was going to use it with Songs of Blades and Heroes but it never got finished.... Continue Reading →

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