Adding some colour to the Ghar

It has been a slightly busy week but I managed to get some more paint on my Ghar Rebel troops. The models are all wearing some sort of reptilian scales over their cloaks. I decided to do these in blue to fit into the blue undertone of the armour and the colours I drybrushed them with. The start date for the slow grow league has been announced (Facebook link) so I still have some time to at least get my troops done for the start of the league. Given how slowly and erratically I paint I thought it best if I got at least the troops done as they are the most numerous models in the force.

The lizard skin has been done with the Army Painter Magical Blue paint and then has had a few coats of the Guilliman Glaze from GW. The cloak and spider legs are base coated at this point and haven’t been shaded yet. I’ll be doing a wash and highlight on the cloaks next and then attempting to make those purple spider legs look scary.


Starting to paint my Ghar Rebels

So I managed to get a start on the first 500 points of my Ghar Rebel army. I did a base coat with the Army Painter Medium Grey primer and then washed all the of armour and metal on the models with Nuln Oil. It looks exceptionally good on the Troopers. After that I did a quick dry brush across the armour and metal sections to provide a bit of detail. I don’t really have the time to paint in highlights on all those Rebel troops and I doubt that my joints would let me.

I will be adding a strip to the helmets of all of the troops so I can quickly identify each squad. I suspect that I will be using blue and green as my secondary colours and then adding some red or scarlet to the weapons.

It is odd using an army like the Ghar for a sci-fi game as they don’t have most of the ‘tech’ units that the other factions do. ┬áNo probes, no fancy weapons (other than Disruptors) and they are, due to the low-tech nature of their equipment, immune to special scramble ammo. Its almost like playing a 40K army. So despite all my talk about the great new features and options in the game I am playing a faction that doesn’t take advantage of almost all of them.

One issue I had with using the Ghar was that we had another Ghar player and I am not a fan of mirror matches. Happily the BGoA Xilos expansion has rules for Ghar Fifth Columnists. So if you are playing a Ghar Empire v. Rebels game you can use this option to represent Ghar Outcasts and other troops switching allegiance from the Empire force. Looking forward to trying it out.

GW Shades

I have always approached GW’s paint range with a bit of a sceptical mindset. The company has had a poor track record of delivering on their marketing hype and their paints, in the past, have been pretty much standard paint but at a higher price. And in those horrible pots.

I recently stumbled over a tutorial on how to quickly and easily paint Horus Heresy Imperial Fists and part of the process they describe requires the GW shade Agrax Earthshade. I picked up some of the paints I need but I thought that I had already purchased a pot of Agrax Earthshade. Sadly I did not and I decided to use some Army Painter Soft Tone in its place. The Soft Tone worked but it was quite difficult to keep the wash in the recesses and it tended to cover more of the miniature than I wanted. Especially when the next step involved using a shade over top of the pre-shading. I did two models and then put them aside.

Luckily I was at work the next day and picked up the required Agrax Earthshade. What a difference it made. The shade flowed into the recesses of the model quite easily and appears to have a higher surface tension than Soft Tone and so it also stays there. With a good brush it was much easier to do the pre-shading and even I was able to make it look quite good. I can’t speak for the rest of the paints but the shades appear to be an excellent product and quite worth checking out.

6mm(ish) painting madness

So its been a while since I posted anything new on the blog. Part of the reason for that has been that I have been painting a lot of miniatures as part of a 6mm/10mm sci-fi gaming project. The miniatures are all Dystopian Wars figures from various factions. There are British, Antartican, French, Belgian and others in the army. I just picked the vehicles and aircraft that I liked the most, and which fit a particular roll, and then painted them up.

These are going to be used for Horizon Wars as well as LaserStorm. I haven’t figured out which minis will be used for each game, and there are a lot more than I need for Horizon Wars, but I have a pretty good idea of what role each miniature will be used in.

I painted up the infantry here because Horizon Wars has some particular expectations about the roles infantry play and how they are deployed in the field. Primarily, transports aren’t considered a distinct part of an infantry unit so if you want mobile infantry that are in vehicles then they need to be modelled on the same base. Which makes it odd to have them deploy into buildings. Its easier to build infantry stands to fit into those expectations than it is to try to bend the rules to fit something like an Epic: Armageddon concept of infantry deployment.

The next step will be to paint up some of the Imperial Guard figures I have and then use them as an opposing force. The first step will be to paint up some figures to use in Horizon Wars which will mean a few Titans as well as a range of vehicles. I will have a few stands of infantry as well but I won’t have them in Chimeras just to keep things simple.

Shroud Mages done

So I finally finished the final fleet for the Fayre Winds & Foul Tides demo game. These are a mix of first and second generation Shroud Mage vessels from the Uncharted Seas range from Spartan Games. The difference between the sculpts is really shocking. The second generation were computer designed and look significantly better than the original versions. I actually have a second fleet of the first generation ships but I really doubt if they will ever be painted. I dislike them enough that I may give them away to anyone at the demo who is interested in them. I am eagerly trying to find some more of the second generation ships though.

Shroud Mages

Shroud Mages

I am still trying to determine how to stat them out for Fayre Winds & Foul Tides. I may need to do some house rules for them as I want the vessels to have broadside firing medium range flame weapons and then normal ranged Heavy Chaser guns in the bow.

On the painting table

So now that the Orc fleet is finished I have added some new models to the painting table. I have two new Orc vessels to paint, an Uncharted Seas giant, an Iron Dwarf Bellows airship as well as two units of Skorne infantry (Cetrati and Praetorian Swordsmen) that I am working on assembling. To that I will be adding the Iron Dwarf submarines that I appear to have forgotten to paint.

I need to paint up my Shroud Mage ships but before I do that I want to find some way of fitting them into the Galleys & Galleons fantasy rules and giving them a unique feel before I get painting them. The vessels are all very distinct looking and it would be a shame to not give them an interesting set of stats.

I am working on building some Skorne models before the release of the new rules since I rather enjoy building models (its weird really) and that will give me some time to get them ready for the release of the new starter sets and the Journeyman league. I won’t be painting them until the League starts but having them built and cleaned will save me some time.

Shattered Sword figures completed

My lethargic painting progress continues as I have now managed to finish the figures in the starter set for my Shattered Sword figures. Aside from the usual issues that limit my painting time, I also spent a fair bit of hobby time assembling the rest of my Relic Knights figs. Now that they are all primed and ready to paint I should be able to get a few more figures done.


All of these minis were primed white and painting them just reminded me of how much I loathe painting over white primer. Every tiny spot you miss pops out from the figure and it really highlights that rather cavalier way in which I paint. I also painted these troops up as traditional knights mostly to speed the process up but also because I really like how metallic armour looks.

Francis, Quill and friends

Francis Malory is actually a very nicely sculpted figure and unlike a lot of the smaller Relic Knights figures he has some good definition in his face. The Paragons in the background are a bit of a mishmash of a paint scheme. I started them first and really couldn’t decide what colours to use or what to use as the primary colour and so they got painted over with the metallic base after an unsuccessful initial attempt. There is some precise details on the front of their shields that I really couldn’t pick out well enough so it was left without any paint on it.

These are a bit of a rush job (for me that is) and I will be taking my time with the rest of the Shattered Sword figures I have.

But first, the Noh starter.