So what is next

So I just finished painting the last of the Epic Tau Crisis Suits and Skyrays. I should have the basing done tomorrow and that will be it, for the moment, for the Epic Tau ground forces. I have some recast Tau aircraft that I am going to work on but I won't be using those... Continue Reading →


Basing done

So a few hours last night and a few hours this morning and I am finished basing my Tau. So that is 12 Hammerheads, 7 Devilfish, 5 Tetras, 5 Piranhas, 8 Pathfinders, 12 Stealth Suits, 10 Gun Drones, 4 Broadsides and 18 Fire Warriors. Which is over 2500 points of Tau. I still have 6... Continue Reading →

Basing Epic infantry

Basing is a necessary part of playing Epic and it can often involve more work than painting your miniatures. Case in point, the bases of 26 stands of infantry that I need to apply Astrogranite Debris to. Doing the bases for the vehicles and the large infantry, like the Stealth Suits, was not too difficult... Continue Reading →

Basing and painting

Today and yesterday was spent mostly starting the process of basing my Tau army. In between applying coats of Astrogranite Debris to the bases of vehicles and some Stealth Suits I also finished up 18 stands of Fire Warriors, six Pathfinders and 6 more Stealth Suit stands. There are only six Skyrays left to paint... Continue Reading →

Tau recon units done

So the Piranhas and Tetras are done and waiting to get based. For some reason I wasn't able to get the highlights done as precisely as the other vehicles but I still think they look good. Onslaught Miniatures sells the vehicles in sets of five but the units in E:A can come in sixes so... Continue Reading →

So many things to build

Part of the order I received from Vanguard Miniatures were some more figures from the ever-expanding Tau force. I took some time from painting to build six Skyray AA tanks, six stands of Stealthsuits and another stand of Gun Drones. I have ten Crisis Suits that I will need to clean up but I am... Continue Reading →

Basing test

So before committing to basing a lo of miniatures I decided to do a small test on two stands of Tau models before going all out. This is a variant on the Epic basing scheme I used previously on my older Epic armies. Previously I would have added sand to the bases, painted it and... Continue Reading →

Devilfish done

So the Devilfish are done. I had some free time and got the rest of the highlights done on the models. They followed the same pattern as the other vehicles so it was a quick job. I've started the Piranhas and Tetras and also started to do a quick test of some basing options for... Continue Reading →

Warmaster Chaos figures based

So the Warmaster Chaos figures I painted earlier are finally based. I forgot how much of a PITA it is to base 10mm Warmaster figures. The models are in two strips so there is not a lot of space between each strip which makes the entire process either long (basing one strip at a time)... Continue Reading →

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