So many shinies

Today was a great day as I took possession of a large stack of new games. I did a trade with a local gamer and got quite a few new games including many GMT titles that are out of print at the moment. Manoeuvre Skies above the Reich Commands & Colors: Medieval Commands & Colors:... Continue Reading →

Core Defense: an appreciation

I have previously talked about my fondness for Tower Defense games but in the context of being a sign that my ADHD symptoms were not being properly dealt with. My fondness for the genre might have been pushed to even more ridiculous levels if I had a PC since there were 100s of titles released... Continue Reading →

What to play in 2023

The year will soon draw to a close and I have already begun planning on what games I want to play in the New Year. This coming year I hope to get some of my existing games onto the table and also perhaps try out a few new ones. Existing games Last Blitzkrieg I have... Continue Reading →

A wealth of Xmas additions

The tree is nearing the end of its run in the living room and New Year's Day is fast approaching. I was quite lucky this year and got a few new games to add to the collection and also finally pulled together the cash to pick up some used games from a local gamer to... Continue Reading →

Token Silo

I am a hoarder of any sort of plastic box that I can use to store and organize game components. I have Plano tackle boxes, Stanley organizers and any number of random boxes that I have used to store counters, tokens, dice or whatever parts my games require. My partner often jokes that that my... Continue Reading →

Update for Dec 8, 2022

It has been a while since I posted anything game related on the blog so here is a bit of an update on how hobby-related things are going. The move The house is mostly in order and I have my gaming space set up in the basement. It is unfinished but still a nicer space... Continue Reading →

Writing with Markdown

Some time ago I started doing most of my writing using Markdown. Almost everything I write end up online, either in a blog or website, and so it made sense to use a formatting system that was web-friendly. The more I used it though the more I wanted to use it everywhere. Being able to... Continue Reading →

Music on tap

So I would prefer, if possible, to own my music. I have a longterm goal of building a decent sound system and buying some older jazz albums to listen to. Putting an Oscar Peterson album on and listening to it and making the timing of my morning work revolve around having to turn the album... Continue Reading →

The mystery of Watch What Happens

I am not as educated in music theory or the specifics of music composition as I would like. This often leads me to puzzles for which I don't have the answers and which are, typically, too detailed for me to find answers online. Case in point, the rendition of Watch What Happens that Oscar Peterson... Continue Reading →

Secret Garden

The internet was, in its infancy, a vast unexplored world filled with new information. You would constantly find new and exciting ideas, groups or sometimes applications that would open you up to new possibilities and ways of working. I recall when I found all of Kai Krause‚Äôs Power Tools documents on a CompuServe forum. Not... Continue Reading →

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