An update but not a return

I thought that I would drop by and post a bit about what I am up to and how things are going. This isn't a precursor to me returning to this blog but just a 'shout out' via WordPress to some of the people that I know. Hobby activity I don't think that I have... Continue Reading →

Taking a break

I am going to be taking a break from posting on this blog. I am not really getting any positive energy from the work that I put into it so I will be taking a break until such point that I start to look forward to it again.

More Seltorian vessels painted

Five more Seltorians are done and ready to get spray varnish. This time it is two Light Cruisers, a Heavy Cruiser, a Battle Cruiser and a New Heavy Cruiser. These are also painted quickly as the models don’t really have the level of detail to spend additional time painting them. I have one less Battle... Continue Reading →

Seltorian fleet expands

And with that, more Seltorians are ready for gaming. This lot includes a Light Dreadnought, two Destroyers and two Frigates. They are easy to paint up and there aren’t a lot of details to paint so they finish quickly. I also don’t want to spend a lot of time on them as they are really... Continue Reading →

Counting SFB minis

I just did a quick count and since I started I have painted exactly 90 ships for A Call to Arms Star Fleet/Federation Commander/Star Fleet Battles. The biggest fleet so far are the Lyrans and Kzintis with 16 vessels each. My plans are to finish the Seltorians (twelve models) and then look at expanding the... Continue Reading →

More vessels painted

Three more vessels are done and ready to get spray varnish. I have to remember to do that at some point. Two more Kzinti vessels (a Light Cruiser and a Destroyer) and a Seltorian CA. The Seltorian models are really rough. It is not a casting issue but a sculpting problem. They are just not... Continue Reading →

One more time with primer

Before the heat got too bad I took out some miniatures and put some primer on them including the new models I picked up form Shapeways. The primer has brought out the details in the figures but also dramatically improved the eye’s ability to see the grain of the material as well as the print... Continue Reading →

More Kzinti done

And the final set , of my original Kzinti purchase, are now done and ready to get some spray varnish tomorrow. I picked up two more Kzinti but I think I will try to get some Seltorians and then Hydrans & Lyrans done before I get back to those two models.  I added some stripes... Continue Reading →

Shapeways order arrives

In addition to buying some metal minis, I also received my Shapeways order today. The order consisted of: Warrior Destroyer Leader Hydran New Escort Cruiser Cossack Medium Carrier Wildcat Battlecruiser Jaguar E CVN Yaguarundi Light Carrier All of the models are in the default Fine White material. This was a test. I know that it... Continue Reading →

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