The interconnectedness of rudeness

I can't find it now but there was a Penny Arcade cartoon that compared Twitter to inviting strangers into your house to piss in your eyes. This has the usual dramatic nature of Penny Arcade cartoons but it contains a certain truth. Twitter allows you to communicate with a diverse range of people and follow interesting... Continue Reading →


First Battletech minis painted

A while ago I picked up a copy of the new Battletech starter. It comes with eight of their new plastic miniatures which are much more detailed than their previous efforts and also made from a slightly more rigid plastic. It is still not styrene but it is much better than the material they have... Continue Reading →

Goblin plans

While I was getting some painting done yesterday I also finished assembling and priming some other minis for the Goblin force. I have a large metal Goblin rock thrower with crew, eight Goblin Spider Riders, a Goblin Sorcerer and my Goblin scenery piece. The Spider Riders are next up to get painted and then I... Continue Reading →

Goblin Fanatics

The Goblin army expands as I have finished a small unit of Goblin Fanatics. These will be either Hearthguard for Age of Magic or as actual Fanatics for Warlords of Erehwon. These are the older plastic Fanatics that GW used to sell in a pack of three. They are fun looking minis but they have... Continue Reading →

Goblin guards completed

Its been a bit of a while since I started them but I managed to finish off the Goblin Guard miniatures I started a few weeks ago. My hands have been bothering me for a few weeks and so not only has the progress been slow on these but they also look a little poor... Continue Reading →

Strategy board games for sale

I need to build up some cash to help fund my Battletech addition. The clans are coming for my wallet! Up on the block are some of my strategy board games. All punched games come with the counters clipped and organized in trays. Trays are included in the price. Volume discounts available. DVG Games Sherman Leader... Continue Reading →

Epic duo game

So I took my army out to Mark's yesterday for a four-player game of Epic Armageddon. I teamed up with Mark's Guard force to fight a game against Dan's Chaos and Palmer's Space Marines. Dan had two Tactical units, a unit of bombers, a Warhound Titan and some Terminators. Dan had a Chaos Marine unit... Continue Reading →

Blood Bowl Elves finished

Taking a break from painting Trolls(see them in the background) I finished assembling my Elf Union Blood Bowl team. I am hoping to have them done for the start of the next season for the local Blood Bowl league. The models are very nice but the have no posing options so aside from the faces.... Continue Reading →

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