Latest beta test game

My second beta test game of the came to a conclusion last night. I played a 1150 point  game using Klingon and Hydran fighters. The Hydrans consisted of Cuirassier x 2 Knight x 2 Mongol Ranger Overlord 18 fighters The Klingons consisted of D7V 12 fighters 2 x F5E 2 x D5 D5W The game... Continue Reading →

Kzinti fleet incoming

I took a trip down to my FLGS today and picked up a few boxes and blisters for a Kzinti fleet for A Call to Arms: Star Fleet. You can’t have Lyrans without having Kzinti to fight. So I have: 2 x Dreadnought Medium Cruiser Light Cruiser Battlecruiser 2 x Heavy Battlecruiser 3 x War... Continue Reading →

More Romulans finished

And four more vessels enter the Romulan fleet. Two Warbirds, a War Eagle and a KR cruiser. So much white. The older Romulan vessels all have warbirds painted on the bottoms. The models have the pattern carved into the bottom and I just filled them in. You can never see the bird patterns while you... Continue Reading →

Another beta test game

I am getting ready for another beta test game of A Call to Arms: Star Fleet. Klingons v. Hydrans again but this time the Klingons have a D7V with 12 fighters to try to ward off the Hydran Stingers. The Klingons will try to stay at range to bombard the Hydrans with drones. The complicating... Continue Reading →

Ordering from Shapeways

A few days ago I decided that I was going to play A Call to Arms: Star Fleet in multiple scales. The test game I had with the Klingons (3125 scale) against the Hydrans (3788 scale) was just fine despite the difference in scales. Since I already have a pile of 3788 scale Hydrans and... Continue Reading →

Painted Lyrans

I finished off the last of my Lyran models and got them sealed today so I decided to take a group shot of them all. I will be using them in my third test game of A Call to Arm: Star Fleet. It is a nice range of models but sadly no carriers so I... Continue Reading →

More vessels finished

Some more Star Fleet models are done. Four Klingon cruisers as well as the first Federation model. The Klingons are a C7, two D7s and a C7F. These models all have some deformation in the area of the engine and wing grills. They are bad enough that I would have returned them if they were... Continue Reading →

A Call to Arms: Star Fleet beta test

So after a lot of table painting, miniature painting and 3D modelling I finally managed to get in a game of A Call to Arms: Star Fleet. For those not familiar with it, the game is an adaption of the A Call to Arms rules from Mongoose Publishing. It was originally written for the Babylon... Continue Reading →

Klingon D6s finished

The painting continues and the latest minis that have been completed are two Klingon D6 Heavy Cruisers. The photo here is a bit more blue than the actual models (due to the table). The bases are the old Dropfleet Commander bases but I have painted the arc markings in white to make them stand out.... Continue Reading →

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