First Ironjawz almost done

So my first unit of Brutes are almost done. I just need to do some highlights and then the bases.

I added another layer of rust on the armour and weapons. I used the Secret Weapon Miniatures Orange Rust paint. Happily I noticed that it was a paint and not a wash before I started applying it. I forget that they make paint :-) I made a quick wash with it and then layered across the weapons and then again across the armour. The rust effect I had on the armour previously was a but too dark for my tastes so I punched it up some.

There are a few tiny bits that I need to paint still (the bags on the belts) but these are almost ready to base and get playing with.


A whole lot of reading

So I managed to pick up a copy of the new Stormcast Eternals and Nighthaunt Battletomes yesterday. As I was browsing through them I realised that I now have an immense amount of reading to do. There is the background and fluff in the core rulebook, Malign Sorcery book and now the two new Battletomes. I am guessing that there is more than 400 pages of fluff across all four of those books. A bit of that is duplicated but it is still a hefty number of pages.

I am currently reading through the Stormcast book. I wanted to read the Nighthaunt Battletome but Miss C. snatched that away immediately and I doubt I will see it for a few days at least. Miss N. has shown little interest in the Stormcast book but her and I will be going through the painting section soon so we can find out what colours she wants to use on her models.

Speaking of which, I managed to get ahold of the first Age of Sigmar starter set and spent the last few days assembling those models. There are quite a few new Nighthaunt sets coming out in the next few weeks that will bulk up the Nighthaunt army and I wanted to quickly add some options for the Stormcast as well since a lot of their upcoming releases appear to be cavalry.

Three Warlords: the first game part 1

So all of the glueing and building is done and it is time to sit down and have our first battle. We have slightly more miniatures available than those that ship in the Soul Wars box. I picked up each of the ‘East To Build’ boxes that were available with the initial release and I also grabbed a box of Reapers this weekend. So we have a full ten model unit of Reapers as well as two full units of Sequitors and Castigators. We aren’t playing with the Banshees as I don’t have a unit card for them and I want to have all the stats available to the girls as they play.

We spent some time yesterday going over the rules, explaining what each phase is and learning all the stats. So for today’s game we set up a simple scenario that lasts five rounds and just counts the number of wounds each side scores to determine the winner. None of the terrain rules are being used to keep things simple and focus on the core phases and how they work.

Miss N. won the roll to go first and moved up slightly. I think she wanted to keep at a distance and use her shooting attacks to thin out the Nighthaunt horde. During her turn Miss C. was far more aggressive and pushed up her Reapers and Chainrasps towards Miss N’s troops. She also sent her Knight and some troops around the flank to attack the Lord Arcanum.

Miss C. won the roll for the second turn and decided to go first. She charged with her Reapers and Chainrasp Horde getting a 10 for the Chainrasps and pushing them towards the Extolers. She also managed to get the Reapers into combat with the Ballista. Sadly as good as her charge rolls were she did no wounds with her Reapers and then Miss N. Piled In with her Extolers and chewed up five Chainrasps. Returning combat the Chainrasps killed an Extoler and wounded a second.

During Miss N’s turn she healed the Extoler with the Lord Arcanum. Her shooting was not very good. The Ballista rapid-fired into the Reapers and only did 5 hits. Two wounded and Miss C saved them all. The Castigators were more effective and stripped away some Chainrasps. The Combat Phase involved combats between multiple units with the Chainrasps attacking the Extolers and the Castigators and the Reapers Piling In to attack the Knight Incantor and the Ballista. She managed to do some more wounds to the Ballista and two to the Knight.¬†Between the Extolers and the Catigators the Chainrasps were knocked down to two models. Hopefully they can get re-invigorated in the next turn.

We stopped at the end of turn 2 as we had to make dinner but we will get back to the game tomorrow. Miss C has the firth turn again so we shall see what sort of trouble she can make for her sister.

Kill Team as the perfect miniature game

So now we know why there were never any expansions to Shadow War: Armageddon. Games Workshop saw the clear fan interest in that game and decided to use it as the basis for a new version of Kill Team. That makes sense of course because I suspect that most people wanted to play Kill Team instead of Shadow War: Armageddon. Kill Team has more opportunity for people to use either their existing figures or buy new 40K minis. The background for Shadow War: Armageddon really made no sense when you start to toss in Necrons and Dark Eldar. Having them in Kill Team makes more sense and is thematically easier to justify.

Where I think that Kill Team really shines is how GW is packaging it. There is a core game with miniatures and terrain and what appear to be themed expansions with new terrain and figures. So the first set of expansions for the game include a Sector Mechanicus terrain pack and then two sets of miniatures that include more terrain from the same sector. The Orks team set includes Galvanic Servohaulers and the Space Wolf team includes more Sector Mechanicus terrain. The company rewards you for purchasing all of the expansions by making your initial purchase of the Sector Mechanicus Killzone package more valuable by adding to it with each of the Kill Team packs. Sure they could have included all of the terrain in one pack but that would have increased the base cost and probably stopped people from getting it in the first place. By expanding the terrain across all the products in that series it decreases the initial outlay required and creates a reward for playing who buy in to all the products in that series.

It will be interesting to see how the market reacts to this new game. I won’t be participating since I am investing most of my free time and money into AoS but this has the potential to be even more successful for GW than Shadespire

Deadzone terrain

Forgotten in all of the other projects I have been working on has been the stack of partially painted Deadzone terrain I was working on. It is intended to be used in the upcoming summer Deadline event so I am making an effort to get it done in-between other projects.

I wanted these pieces to stand out a bit from the others so I did a glaze of Casaranda Yellow over the basecoat and weathering I did initially. The pipes and other accessories are going to be given a black wash and then the sheet metal walls are getting a green glaze. Once that dries I will be giving it another quick drybrush and then applying some weathering on the destroyed walls.

Deadzone terrain

Deadzone terrain

There are still three other pieces that I am working on as well as some pipes and a trackway from the industrial set.

A Tale of Three Warlords: Part 3

So the building continues. Miss N. and Miss C. managed to get some more of their respective miniatures done. Miss C. started in on her heroes while Miss N. finished some of her infantry models and did two of the Stormcast heroes. The Nighthaunt figures are pretty basic, even the heroes, but the Stormcast models often require some precise positioning. Even so they are both doing a pretty good job for their first major figure building experience. We are making sure that everyone is dry-fitting their pieces before gluing and getting into the habit of confirming the parts before finalizing the assembly.

I built some Brutes as well as my Weirdboy Shaman. There are three assembled Gore Gruntas but I picked those up almost fully assembled so I don’t count those as being built by me. All I had to do was add three parts to each model.

Hopefully we will be able to get in our first game next week.