Battletech painting update

So I have a lot of Battletech to paint up. 17 lances of mechs three stands of infantry 15 vehicles So a total of 96 models to paint. I also have eight model 3D printed mechs coming this week that will push the total to 104. That is a lot of painting.  After some thinking... Continue Reading →

Hunchback 4J painted

I am expanding my Capellan force by adding another Missile Boat so that I can build an Indirect Fire Support Lance. I have one of the old plastic Hunchbacks and I did a quick conversion with my Dremel and some Heavy Gear missile pods to make a Hunchback 4J variant. All that it needs is... Continue Reading →

Alpha Strike multiple damage

Alpha Strike has three different models of damage allocation. The default system applies the full damage to the target if the to-hit roll is equal to or greater than the target number. So if a model needs a 9 to hit and does four damage at that range then it applies all four points when... Continue Reading →

Alpha Strike solo game

One of my favourite things in Battletech fiction are the larger battles and so I took a look, again, at the Alpha Strike rules. I picked up the Alpha Strike Commander's Edition when it was released and so after watching a few videos I broke out some maps and minis to play a game. Before... Continue Reading →

First Clan mech done

So they still need to be based and have some decals put on them but the painting and weathering are done on these five models. The first is the paint sample for my Clan Smoke Jaguar mechs. It is meant to be the Beta Galaxy with its horizontal stripes of white and grey. Initially I... Continue Reading →

Alpha Strike prep

3rd Crucis Lancers With the imminent arrival of my Battletech Kickstarter package (tomorrow!) I decided to put together some of my painted mechs for a game of Alpha Strike. I have two lances of Capellan Militia and two from the 3rd Crucis Lancers. I decided to play a game using the Alpha Strike rules as... Continue Reading →

Battle of Tukayyid

Not only did I get an actual shipping date for my Battletech KS package (Tuesday if you must know) but CGL just announced that they are expanding the Battle of Tukayyid PDF they revealed as part of the Kickstarter will now be a full campaign book. Sometimes you don't know that you want something until... Continue Reading →

Oathmark Army Planner update

Geek Warning: nothing gaming related in this post So an update on the Oathmark Army Planner. I have added a few changes to the app to allow me to indicate when units can't change their unit number. So the Dwarf King and the Dwarf Engineers in the picture above now have a set number of... Continue Reading →

Checking in

So not a lot going on here recently. I picked up a bit of a cold earlier in the week and that had me in bed for a few days. Of course getting a cold now means a lot more than it did a year ago and so there was some additional anxiety attached to... Continue Reading →

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