Star Wars Armada event report

Today was the first Star Wars Armada event at The Sentry Box and five intrepid souls, plus myself, made it out to the store to fight for glory and variant art cards. I suspect that we may have had a higher turnout if not for the fact that Imaginary Wars had a Imperial Assault Regional event.

I played a variant on the last Imperial list that I tried :

Flagship: (132 pts)

Victory II-Class Star Destroyer (85 pts)

  • Admiral Screed (26 pts)
  • XX-9 Turbolasers (5 pts)
  • Ion Cannon Batteries (5 pts)
  • Defense Liaison (3 pts)
  • Warlord (8 pts)

Fleet Ship 1: (93 pts)

Gladiator II-Class Star Destroyer (62 pts)

  • Expanded Launchers (13 pts)
  • Weapons Liaison (3 pts)
  • Demolisher (10 pts)
  • Sensor Team (5 pts)

Squadrons (72 of 99 pts):

  • 4x Tie Fighter Squadron (32 pts)
  • 1x Sontir Fel Tie Interceptor Squadron (18 pts)
  • 2x Tie Interceptor Squadron (22 pts)

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300pt Star Wars Armada gaming

Nathan came over on Wednesday and we played a 300pt game of Star Wars. This was my second game and my first game at 300pts so there was still a lot to learn while we played.

My force consisted of:

Flagship: (101 pts)
Victory II-Class Star Destroyer (85 pts)

  • Admiral Chiraneau (10 pts)
  • Flight Controllers (6 pts)

Fleet Ship 1: (66 pts)
Gladiator I-Class Star Destroyer (56 pts)

  • Gunnery Team (7 pts)
  • Insidious (3 pts)

Fleet Ship 2: (62 pts)
Gladiator II-Class Star Destroyer (62 pts)

Squadrons (65 of 98 pts):

  • 1x Major Rhymer Tie Bomber Squadron (16 pts)
  • 2x Tie Interceptor Squadron (22 pts)
  • 3x Tie Bomber Squadron (27 pts)

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Imperial Assault tournament

Today was the first Imperial Assault tournament at The Sentry Box. For some odd reason, perhaps due to the timing of the release for the game, we have a tournament kit out at about the same time as the Regionals kit. Even more perplexing, we have two Imperial Assault Regional events here in Calgary. Sadly I can’t make the first one at Imaginary Wars but I will be able to make the one hosted at The Sentry Box.

Game 3

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Learning about myself

Mage DeckI like to play games. And one of the games that I really like to play is Hearthstone. Due to some memory issues of the iPad, I took an unwilling hiatus from the game but with the recent updates I have been able to play again. One of the reasons that I like the game so much is that it has a balance in it that doesn’t require you to pay for or grind for cards to be competitive. It is really the anti-thesis of a game like Magic the Gathering.

Currently I am working my way up the ranking system in the game using the Mage deck shown to the left. Despite there being two mini-sets and a full set of cards released since the last time I played, I am playing quite competitively with a deck made up of cards from the initial release. The deck is quite solid, has responses for most of the threats that you see in the game and can deliver a considerable amount of damage. Using it I am undefeated in the last five matches (a bloody miracle for me) and perilously bored.

The deck almost plays itself. Which, I suspect, is a testament to the thought that went into designing it. Not that I did the design. I tweaked it a touch to fit the cards that I have in my collection but most of the hard work was done by some anonymous person online. The decks I design are different. And by different I mean “fun”. Fun for me and certainly aimed at having a theme, building a combo or just being goofy like including all the minions in the game that deliver random damage.

And so while the decks I build deliver some amusing games for me (see below), they don’t win consistently. Certainly not consistent enough to work through the Hearthstone rankings. And yet I enjoy those games a lot more than I am currently enjoying my “win streak”.

This isn’t exactly news for me. I have known for some time that I am not an overly competitive gamer and that my focus has always been on having fun and not necessarily on winning. What is interesting though is just how little enjoyment I get from just winning. Beating an opponent is certainly fun and it’s not as if I am a glutton for punishment who just likes to lose. The magic point for me seems to be creating a win from an uncertain series of parts. Building a victory but with tools that I like as opposed to putting together a list whose only aim is to win.


Imperial Assault Campaign Game

We had a gaming day at The Sentry Box and as part of that I managed to play the Imperial side in the first campaign scenario for imperial Assault game from FFG. In it the Rebel heroes have to work their way into a small Imperial station and destroy the data terminals by the end of six turns or before they are all wounded.

It seemed as if it would be a cake walk at first but in our game the Rebels were defeated at the last minute when an Imperial E-Webber team managed to wound the final hero and end the game just prior to the same hero blasting away the final terminal.

We didn’t use many of the standard accoutrements from the campaign game rules as this was just a one-off game but it was still a lot of fun. I’m going to be trying to arrange a group to run through the campaign properly and get the full experience.


First game of Star Wars Armada

Nathan and I met up at The Sentry Box today to give the Star Wars Armada game a try. This was the first game for either of us so it was certainly a learning experience and we did mess up a few rules but nothing that would have changed the game.

Turn 1

We only did a a 180pt game and I decided to take two Victory I class Star Destroyers with a small screen of TIEs consisting of two regular squadrons and Howlrunner. I wanted to see how the ships worked in a pair and I also thought that it might be advantageous to have the added firepower. Nathan used the default Rebel build from the Starter Set and I won initiative since I was two points under.

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Heroes of Normandie game day

This Saturday The Sentry Box hosted a Heroes of Normandie game day. Over the course of the day we managed to get three full games in and chatted to a few people about the game.

The first game was played was with the Slaughterhouse (5) scenario from the box. In it, German and American forces are attempting to take control of a small house which is initially held by the Americans. Bryan and James played the scenario while I chatted with folks about the game system and checked out the rules when questions were raised. As much as I like the system, the rulebook is really poorly organized. Happily once you have the rules figured out you don’t need to refer to the rulebook any further since everything you need is on the unit tokens.

The first game quickly devolved into a mad clash for the house as James threw his Germans at the building as Bryan attempted to flank them and cut off the attacks. Grenades flew from both sides but some wildly poor rolls as well as quickly played random event cards meant that most of the grenade attacks were without effect. In the end the Americans wore the Germans down and the house remained in American hands to give them the win.

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Game Night

Last night was the monthly board game night that one of my friends hosts in the south-west. As I didn’t have any other events scheduled for the weekend so I was happily able to go. The event starts after dinner and goes into the early morning and while I wasn’t able to stay the entire evening I did stay long enough to get in a few games.

Heroes of Normandie

First off was a quick game of Heroes of Normandie. I was introducing the game to a new player so we tried one of the provided scenarios called Saving Private Rex. I played the Americans and my opponent picked the Germans. The goal of the scenario is for the Americans to find and rescue their General’s pet dog. The game was fun and it was easy to explain the rules but I was struck, yet again, that the true appeal of the game is in larger custom scenarios where you pick your own forces and have a larger number of available orders. The scenario we played was a quick win for the Americans as Private Rex randomly appeared in a space that was easy for me surround and keep away from the Germans.

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Dust Tactics Game Day

A few of us got together at The Sentry Box on Sunday to play some games of Dust Tactics using the Battlefield rules. Kellen, and Danny brought out their Axis, Bryan and Brett brought their SSU and I had my Allied troops. We played a series of 100pt games rolling for random scenarios from the rulebook.

Bryan’s SSU force was from the Dust Models Premium range and the level of painting on them was incredible. I’ve not seen them before and the level of weathering and quality of the painting was far above what I thought the products would have. I also got a chance to see the Axis Prinzluther and its variants. They look better in person than on the box and really makes me want to get an Axis army.

I managed to get two games in against Kellan and his Axis force. The first game ended quickly with Kellan getting an objective marker in his first turn to win the game. The second game went quite differently as I was able to take out several of his vehicles using my Hammers and Rhino. The Rocket Punch that the units have is insane and can easily cripple vehicles. Sadly the models themselves are easy to kill :-)

It was my first experience with the system and I had a lot of fun. The system uses alternating activation which is, my my opinion,probably the best way to play a game short of a fantasy mass combat game. The main system also uses a series of easy to remember rules with a minimum of chrome. The morale system is based on enemy fire and has a modest but often critical impact.

The system was really easy to learn and, like Warmachine, all the stats and abilities of a model or unit are on their card and so you don’t really have to remember a lot of abilities or statistics adding to the speed of play. The game doesn’t provide a lot of complexity and so if you’re looking for a detailed system this isn’t for you but it does provide an over-the-top experience that seems fitting for the Weird WWII setting.


Facebook organic reach is BS

A lot of companies and small businesses have Pages on Facebook that they use to communicate and engage with customers. The idea seems simple. People Like your Page and get Notifications that appear in their Facebook News Feed when you post. The reality is quite a ways off from this and we recently had a post on The Sentry Box Facebook Page that illustrated that quite nicely.

The store manager, Greg, posted a link to a video of someone doing a rapid-fire archery demonstration. This video is utterly unrelated to what the store does but it is a bit of fun. That link reached 94% of our fans. I’ve replaced the actually reach numbers with percentages for this discussion.


Greg’s comment is inadvertently accurate. The reach of this post is insane.

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