Galactic Heroes game card first draft

So as I begin to get ready for the four-player Galactic Heroes game, I am beginning to work on the layout for the game cards as well as a workflow to get them all done. This is a quick sample done in Pages to just see how it will look. The final designs will be... Continue Reading →

Pulp game teams

As part of the four-player Galactic Heroes game I am planning, I have built four teams from some of the AT-43 miniatures I have around the house. Each team will have their own cards and so I spent some time creating the individuals for each team. UNA Team ability - Advanced Comms Sergeant Brian Topkins... Continue Reading →

First Boromite models finished

So I have finished the first two squads of Bormomite Work Gangs for my Freeborn Privateer force. I did the model's skin in an orange tone to call back to the colours in the studio Boromite models. The blue will be a defining colour for the Privateers. As I was painting them I realized that... Continue Reading →

Antares miniatures arrive

The mail arrived and with it came my box of goodies that I ordered during the Warlord Games half-price sale. The bulk of the miniatures are for my Freeborn Privateer army. Some Boromite commanders, two Boromite support weapon teams, Borer drones and a unit of Hound probes. Those will join the Boromite Work Gangs I... Continue Reading →

Galactic Heroes cards

One of the first games I am going to run, to test out the Galactic Heroes rules, will involve multiple teams made up of some of my old AT43 minis. Not exactly 'pulp' figures but they will do in a pinch. So that everyone knows what their models do and how they are equipped I... Continue Reading →

Sage: Age of Magic game

Peter, Palmer, Brad and I got together at The Sentry Box this morning to get in some games of Sage: Age of Magic. I matched up against Brad who was using his Saga Vikings, with the addition of some Minotaurs and a Giant, against my Great Kingdoms Dwarves. I had a 6 model unit of... Continue Reading →

Dwarf army group shot

While setting up for a game of Age of Magic today, I put out all of the models for my Dwarf army to get a group shot. So this a ten-point Great Kingdoms army consisting of dwarves along with some monstrous companions. I have a cannon that I want to add to the force (I... Continue Reading →

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