More Ghar Rebel additions

I finished off the last of the Ghar Rebel models I owned. A second Command Squad as well as a unit of Tectorists. The Command Squad has the alternate Leader model that is not carrying a Maglash and I also painted the spiders that two of the models are wearing in red to help distinguish... Continue Reading →

Team shots

Two team shots of my completed Blood Bowl teams. The Elf Union were used in the current season but I never finished painting them. The Shambling Undead are for season 21 and happily done and ready to go. Hopefully they have better luck than the Elves.

Shambling Undead figures

I finished doing the bases for my Shambling Undead team. As with my Elf Union team, the bases are painted different colours front and back so that I can turn them to indicate which figures have activated in a turn. I did some weathering on the armour plates to make them look distressed and corroded.... Continue Reading →

Blood bowl minis done

It's all over but for the basing. I finished the work on the 13 players for my Shambling Undead Blood Bowl team. I picked the team up for two reasons. First, I like the look of them and they seemed as if they would be fun to paint. Secondly, I like the idea of having... Continue Reading →

The Manticore arrives

For some time now I have been trying to acquire a Manticore model from the Mythic Pantheon game. Happily, a local gamer had a second copy of it and I was able to pick it up. The plan is to use it in my Goblin army. The little guys need some help and adding a... Continue Reading →

Painting my Elf Union team

After finishing up my Ghar Outcasts I thought it might be a good idea to finish my Elf Union Blood Bowl team. These figures have been in the process of being painted for months primarily because they are covered with fussy, fiddly detail. I didn't find these miniatures as difficult to put together as some... Continue Reading →

Winter painting regime

So winter is beginning to make its impact felt in my painting schedule. I'm back to bulk priming miniatures whenever the weather is good enough and I have had to change my lamp bulbs back to Daylight bulbs. Previously I had swapped them out for some LED bulbs but the last two sets of miniatures... Continue Reading →

Ghar Outcasts finished

I finally finished off the Ghar Outcast miniatures from the Ghar Rebel army box I purchased ages ago. I have been playing Antares without using them as I have a large number of Black Gaurd miniatures. But I decided that the time had tome to finish them. The bases need to be finished but that... Continue Reading →

Otherworld force assembled

I finally picked up the Frostgrave Cultist box from The Sentry Box and built the 16 Cultists I needed for two units of Warriors for my Otherworld force. I had previously built my Nasier figures from the Wrath of Kings game and I just needed the Cultists to fill out the force. So it consists... Continue Reading →

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