Listing Assets in ObsidianSworn

In the ObsidianSworn Vault there is an _assets file in which you are meant to copy your character's Assets and then embed them into your Character sheet. This is fine but the problem is that it will show all of the Asset options even if you haven't chosen them. This is no good. What you... Continue Reading →


I added a new repository to Github which has a basic Vault for Obsidian to use when you play Ironsworn. It has a limited amount of functionality in it as I intend it to be a starting point for people who aren't familiar with Obsidian to start using it to play Ironsworn campaigns. I am... Continue Reading →

Co-op roleplaying with the twins

The twins and I started a new RPG campaign last night using the Ironsworn rule system. It is a narrative RPG that has been written to be played solo, co-op or with a GM. I have been having some issues recently keeping up my enthusiasm for GMing and so I was specifically looking for a... Continue Reading →

It isn’t OCD

The gaming community is fond of using the term 'OCD' to describe their urges to organize or systemise their collections or workspaces. It is a usage that I hear quite often and I find it troubling because it strikes me as, inadvertently, delegitimising the issues that people who have Obsessive–compulsive disorder deal with. Wikipedia opens... Continue Reading →

Battalion Combat Series

As you may know I have been looking for a divisional level, operational scale wargame for a few weeks. There are some very good ones on the market, and I am still tempted by Stalingrad '42 from GMT Games, but I have settled on the Battalion Combat Series produced by The Gamers and published by... Continue Reading →

Gaming face to face

So being the adventurous sort that I am, I took my World at War 85 game out to The Sentry Box for a face-to-face game with Peter. The intent was to show Peter the game mechanics and so we played scenario two - A Matter of Bridges. I like it more than scenario one as... Continue Reading →

WordPress plugin review fraud

There is a lot of talk about review fraud on sites like Amazon but it is also rampant on sites like the Plugin gallery. The online world is filled with places that suffer from review inflation and the site is no exception. Everything is either five stars or one star. So the prevalence... Continue Reading →

Standard Combat series

So playing Unity of Command II got me in the mood for a tabletop wargame that had some of the same features in it. I looked at a lot of different games and many of them were either too fiddly (too many details) or had a less complicated set of rules but also used army... Continue Reading →

Unity of Command II

So I have been quite busy as of late and all of my gaming energy has been spent, mostly, playing Unity of Command II on my laptop. It is a division-level game that game with a series of scenarios following the Normandy invasion but also has several DLCs that add Eastern Front battles as well... Continue Reading →

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