Quick review: TTCombat Halfling cavalry

In order to expand my Age of Magic/ Warlord of Erewhon forces I picked up some of the TTCombat Halfling cavalry models that are being sold via Warlord Games. Specifically I picked up the Halfling Goat Rider with Spears and Halfling Mounted Command. They are fun looking models and are cast in resin which is... Continue Reading →


Battletech Ostscout finished

In between other painting (still haven't finished my Elf Union team) I have done a quick paint job on an Battletech Ostscout mech. I want to create a mercenary force to use against my Kurita and Davion mechs and so I put this together as a test for a paint scheme The darker tone of... Continue Reading →

Blood Bowl league: Match Day 4

I headed out to The Ogre's Den last night to play game four in our local Blood Bowl league against Steve and his team of Amazons. The Amazons are similar to the Elf Union in that they have a similar Strength and Armour but are slower and don't have the Armour boosts for their Blitzers.... Continue Reading →

Battle Suits done

A bit of weathering and some bases were all that they needed. The process was enlightening since I determined that I need more dense or stiffer sponges for weathering effects. As well, the ink washes I was using to add staining to the models needs to be watered down further or I need a different... Continue Reading →

More Ghar Battle Suits coming

While trying to avoid painting my Blood Bowl Elves I decided to assemble and paint some more Battle Suits for my Ghar Rebel army. I started doing them and then pulled out some older models and realized that these look entirely different from the models I painted previously. Luckily I seem to have no consistent... Continue Reading →

First Age of Magic game

Well maybe it is a bit much to call it a 'first' game as both Palmer and I were getting used to the new rules, looking things up and also learning new battle boards. Maybe it is more fair to call it a test game instead. I had my Dwarven Great Kingdom force and Palmer... Continue Reading →

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