SFB and me

Star Fleet Battles is the first wargame that I played regularly. And by 'regularly' I mean to the exclusion of all other things and to the point of almost ruining my first year at college. I am glad that I didn't harm my grades more than I did because it would make a very bad... Continue Reading →

A blast from the past

So while I was at my FLGS I stumbled across a sealed version of the Star Fleet Battles Expansion #2 still in the original shrink wrap. The store has been open for more than 30 years and this was still in the system at the original price. So I got it for the amazing price... Continue Reading →

Ships for next test game

Getting ready for my next test game. The UCM have one less vessel since the PHR have a set of corvettes. The UCM figures all have the turret ability to represent all of the turreted weapons on the vessels. I have given all of the PHR vessels a higher base speed and I am once... Continue Reading →

First Full Thrust SSD built

I have been reading through the Full Thrust rules for the last few days. It is a system originally designed around the spacecraft models from GZG (but not limited to them). I particularly like the Outrim Coalition vessels. There are a lot of ships available for the game but not any of the Dropfleet models.... Continue Reading →

Dropfleet group shot

While I was starting to get set for a game I decided to take out all of my Dropfleet vessels and take a group shot. A total of 65 miniatures. The Scourge were painted ages and ages ago when Dropfleet was first a thing. While I really like the models I thought that the game... Continue Reading →

Final PHR minis done

And here are the final seven models for the PHR fleet. Six corvettes and a battleship. I'll be stopping at this point. I have more minis than I need. Not that this won't stop me from picking up some more if I come across them :-) The entire fleet looks really well together. No idea... Continue Reading →

More PHR vessels getting ready

While I was working on the Shaltari vessels I was also getting some more PHR models done. These are six corvettes (I think) and the Leonadis battleship. The plain paint scheme on the corvettes doesn't pop in the same way that it does on the other vessels so I am going to be adding some... Continue Reading →

Shaltari painted

While I was looking for parts to build the PHR Leonidas battleship I pulled out the Shaltari starter set I had and decided to build it and give it a quick paint job. It is a very quick job done with contrast paint and a series of ink washes. It looks a bit better in... Continue Reading →

Hearthstone Battlegrounds highpoint

Well it isn't hobby related but today I reached a milestone in my Hearthstone Battlegrounds gaming. Not only did I get back-to-back 1st place finishes but I also reached more than 5500 point rating in the game. I have been playing the game since it was released and I have also been playing Battlegrounds since... Continue Reading →

More PHR painted

And now there are six more PHR vessels to join the other five that I painted. That brings the total up to eleven. There are more than enough to play a variety of games without having to build or paint any more models. As it stands I only have one more model to build, the... Continue Reading →

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