Drones done

Well done except the basing. I think I may paint another unit of Privateers first before I added a few orange markings to the models to break up the blue. I may extend that design element to the vehicles when I paint them. One of these is the 405th model model I have painted for... Continue Reading →

Drones started

Blue and black(ish) So here are the three drones that my Privateer force can have. The light drone with the PLS is an either/or option with the Plasma Drone. The Subverter is also an option on its own. So the force can have two of these in any possible game. Shading is next and then... Continue Reading →

Dwarven spears assembled

Between painting Privateers I built the first models from my Dwarf infantry box. I am not sure if I want to do a full 20 models or use the box to build 15 archers. My original intent was to build the archers to use as Dwarven Border Guards and use my firearm bearing Dwarves as... Continue Reading →

Freeborn Privateers finished

So the first of two units of Privateers are done. And based. These are armed with Reflex armour. The second unit will have Concord hyperpulse armour but the same colour scheme. I also finished basing the other models from the force.    

New toys

A trip out to Sentry Box today resulted in some paint and some new toys. I finally managed to pick up a box of the Oathmark Dwarf Infantry. Now I have a lot ofDwarves. Bunches of them. Oddly GW doesn't seem to make dwarves with spears. They do make Dwarves with bows but those are... Continue Reading →

Starting my Privateers

With the Boromite weapon team done I have moved on to doing the first unit of Freeborn Privateers. I am doing the armour in a dark grey colour and then using the blue from the Boromite models to tie the units together. I am not going to use the same orange on these models as... Continue Reading →

Umbra Legate finished

The photo really don't look anywhere near as good as the model. Something about the light or the phone camera really makes the imperfections stand out. Or maybe my eyes aren't as good as I think they are? In either case, the Umbra Legate is done and that means that my 300 point force of... Continue Reading →

Painting Journal

So I should have done this a long time ago but I finally pulled a notebook out of storage and started making notes about the paints that I use on my models. In the background you can see the Boromite models that caused me to do this. I painted the two Work Teams many months... Continue Reading →

Grave Guard finished

I painted these up for a friend of mine who has been helping me by cutting out bases and movement trays for me. I did a set of ten for him previously so he has 15 of them ready for Age of Magic or Oathmark (once the Undead rules get released).┬áPeter was using them as... Continue Reading →

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