Frostgrave: the beginning

So recently Osprey Publishing released a free electronic version of their FrostgraveĀ rules. I have looked at the rules from time to time but have been put off by the amount of terrain the game seems to require as well as the number of wandering monsters that you'd need. Given the current situation it seemed that... Continue Reading →

Workbench clearance achieved

So some work last night and then a bit of work this afternoon and I have managed to complete some more figures. These are all sci-fi figures that will be used in Horizon Wars, AE: Bounty, Galactic Heroes as well as Grimdark Future Firefight. First off are some infantry stands for Horizon Wars. These are... Continue Reading →

Droids (almost) finished

And the Droids are now done aside from the basing. They were primed Skeleton Bone and then had a Sepia wash followed by a Fugean Orange wash. Some drybrushing and then some weathering at the hips, shoulders and the exhaust from their backpacks. A really quick job but I think they look good. They will... Continue Reading →

Capellan mechs in progress

I have been lucky enough today to grab some more time to work on my miniatures. I finished off the Traitor Guard (all but the basing) and then started some more work on these two lances of Capellan mechs. I just started on the weathering and the next stage is to do some washes and... Continue Reading →

Oathmark army planner

A few weeks ago, Osprey Publishing released an army planner for Oathmark. It was a PDF based tool and it had a few issues working on the Mac or on iOS. Even using Acrobat Reader on either platform wouldn't allow it to function completely. I suspect that the PDF wasn't that useful even on Windows... Continue Reading →

Workbench update

Well I don't really seem to be able to focus on a single project so I have littered my painting table with a few and have been hopping from one to the other like a cat on Adderall. So I have two lances of Capellan mechs, eight Clone Wars B1 Droids, and some Traitor Guard... Continue Reading →

A busy day

So the weather turned to a "tropical" 6 degrees Celsius yesterday so I ran around like a madman getting some minis primed. I managed to get 63 figures done for myself and the twins so we should have a good supply of figures to paint while the weather makes another turn for the negatives. Part... Continue Reading →

Oathmark Elf Warrior review

March here has been cold and snowy and so with the upcoming two days of warm(ish) weather I have been madly assembling miniatures so I can prime them and build up my painting queue in case the weather doesn't hold out. My last miniature splurge contained a box of the plastic Oathmark Elf miniatures that... Continue Reading →

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