The odd sensation of losing GW

For as long as I have been miniature gaming there has been Games Workshop. The first miniatures I collected were for a WFB army that a friend got me interested in collecting. I think it was for the Third Edition. He had an assortment of undead models and I picked up a set of Rugluds... Continue Reading →

Elven Spearmen finished

More Elven troops join the fray. I finished ten Elven Spearmen from the Elven Infantry box from North Star. All I have left now are the ten archers I built. Because they are Elves, that is 660 points of troops so I don't have a lot to paint if I want to do a 2000pt... Continue Reading →

Horrible WordPress HTML

I have been having issues trying to easily edit the 2020 painted models page as of late. I checked the HTML out in text view and I found out why. Instead of adding a style or a blockquote to indent the unordered list, WordPress has been embedding it in more and more unordered lists. As... Continue Reading →

Elven Swordsmen done

The first unit of ten Elven Swordsmen are done. These will be used in Oathmark and possibly in Age of Magic as a Great Kingdoms force. These are the Oathmark Elven Infantry from North Star Miniatures. Easy to assemble and a breeze to paint. I have ten Spearmen on the paint table now and I... Continue Reading →

Working on Elves

So instead of doing more Dwarves or Goblins I decided to start on some Elves for Oathmark. I may also expand these into a Great Kingdoms list for Age of Magic if I can find some inexpensive cavalry. Initially I wanted to make these fellows look a bit more sinister and evil but I seem... Continue Reading →

Monday workbench update

It was a holiday here in Calgary so I got in quite a lot of time to work on my miniatures. This was the terrain piece that came with the Battle for Skull Pass set. While I had immense numbers of the Dwarven mine carts I only was able to get my hands on this... Continue Reading →

Sunday update

I had a bit of time last night to finish basing the Dwarf Hammerers and work on the other pieces that I have on the table. I toned down the wash I used on this set of figures and I think that I like it better. There are some imperfections on the back of their... Continue Reading →

Workbench update

People often complain about their backlog of miniatures and projects but one nice thing about having a supply of models that are ready to go is that when you lack a specific focus you can reach into it and grab something to do until you get more inspired. In this case, I have some Dwarven... Continue Reading →

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