So while we’re talking about old, unsupported games, it appears that there is a community effort underway (a new one actually) to incorporate the changes from Warmaster Ancients to the original Warmaster fantasy rules called Warmaster Revolution. I used to play a lot of Warmaster back when it was being supported by GW and then by Specialist Games. And as much as I liked the game it had some serious issues that ultimately made it not so much fun to play.

The biggest issue, for me, was that combat continued until such point as the attackers were destroyed or there were no enemies left to attack. The worst-case example of this were High Elf cavalry attacking a flank and then working their way through half an army before attrition stopped them. Have that happen to you a few times and you quickly lose interest in the game.

When Warmaster Ancients was released it was rumoured to be the beginning of a second edition of the Warmaster rules but Games Workshop gutted the Specialist Games division before that could happen. I played a few games of the Ancients version of the rules and it was a solid ruleset but it didn’t have spellcasters or giants so it didn’t have the appeal of the original Warmaster game.

There are a list of the changes added to the rules and they do a great deal to help balance out the game and fix some of the more ‘gamey’ elements of the combat system.

Luckily I have a Tomb Kings army as well as the miniatures to build a Chaos force so I will be working this coming year to build up the a new army and perhaps get in some games with some of the local Warmaster players.