Grey Knights and Rhinos

So an interesting question comes about when trying to create an Epic scale army list for Daemonhunters.

Do Grey Knights ride in Rhinos?

Now the 40K army list has an option to allow a squad of Grey Knights to teleport. This is easy enough to do in Epic: Armageddon since there are teleport rules. But this leaves us wiht two issues:

  1. Having all Grey Knight units telelport isn’t balanced and appears to be against the spirt of the 40K background material
  2. Since the scale of an Epic: Armageddon game precludes Grey Knights walking (unless being used as a garrison force) then what sort of transport do they use?

So far I am at a loss to find anything that says that they don’t ride in Rhinos. But that seems somewhat declasse for the Emperium’s elite strike force. By the same token transporting all those troops in Land Raiders or Land Raider Crusaders seems like overkill.

An answer still eludes me.

Edit: Well after some further reading of the Daemonhunters codex it appears that the only vehicle listed that has Grey Knight crews are the Land Raiders. So it appears that for an Epic force of Grey Knights its either teleportation or Land Raiders. Which will make for a very expensive force.