More fantasy naval vessels painted

I had some time to paint today so I was able to finish off a few more Uncharted Seas miniatures. I did some quick repainting on the Bone Griffons Flagship as well as the three Cruisers. They were painted when I picked them up in a trade but they didn’t match the way I painted the other Bone Griffon vessels. The sails on the Cruisers also didn’t match the darker tone of the vessels and so I repainted them in a dark grey and then drybrushed them. The final layers of drybrushing had some fluorescent green to give them a slight glow.

Newly painted for me are the two Heavy Cruisers. I don’t know how I will stat them out for Galleys & Galleons but they have an enormous bow-mounted cannon that looks quite impressive. The Iron Dwarf fleet now has a painted Flagship to lead them so I will no longer need to use my Battleship.

Up on the painting table is the Iron Dwarf Bellows Airship and several small boats to use for the Necromancer’s Raise Dead spell. I am also slowing working my way through a sizeable set of Ork ships as well.